Why Is My Tv in Spanish?

Imagine coming back home after having a busy day to find out that your favourite Tv show is suddenly in Spanish. Most persons have experienced this scenario in their homes. Most Tv language settings are in Spanish and English Language. Though some TV have a variety of languages which include French, Italian, German, and Filipino. Different circumstances might have caused the language of your Tv to change to Spanish like having a bug in your Tv’s software or accidentally changing your settings.

Why Is My Tv in Spanish?

Changing your TV language settings should not to be a problem as several TV sets have the language option in their settings. All you have to do is scan through your settings to find the language option. The language settings can be changed in your cable box. Computerized connectors and several devices have distinct ways of changing the default language of your TV from Spanish.

Reasons Why Your Tv is in Spanish

It’s rare for your television language settings to change on their own without a legitimate reason. Some of the reasons why your TV language settings have changed are listed below.

  1. Your TV has a fault -The presence of a fault in your TV can change your settings
  1. Your Tv settings have been changed accidentally by a child: If you have a large household with kids running around, it is wise to keep your TV controls out of your kids reach.
  2. You recently changed your location -Your language settings can change when you move to another location. It is possible that your settings will change to the language of your new location.
  1. Innovations to existing broadcasting technologies -Switching to innovations in the broadcasting industry can mess with your existing TV settings. Though this is peculiar to each product and model.
  1. The recent update of your TV software -Updating the software of your TV can change its language to Spanish. This can occur if the official language of the manufacturers is Spanish.
  1. Your SAP(Secondary Audio Programming) feature is turned on -This feature assists people to enjoy and understanding programs that are aired in different languages. Your TV can be in Spanish if your SAP feature is on.

How To Change Your TV Language Settings?

  1. Use Your TV Remote

One of the easiest ways of changing your language settings is by using your TV control. Several TV controls have similar steps to find the language settings, below are steps you can follow to change your language settings

  • Locate the MENU settings.
  • Search through the Channels option using your arrow keys.
  • Select the audio option.
  • Select stereo or mono.
  • Select the language option and ensure that your language is set to English.
  1. Use Your Cable box

Most cable boxes or set-up boxes have provisions for changing your language preference in its settings. The following steps can be followed to achieve this

  • Locate the language or local time on your cable box.
  • Select the OSD setting.
  • Choose your prefered local time or select a language of your choice.
  1. Use Google Assistant

For smart TV your language settings can be changed using your google assistant. This can be done using the following steps

  • Access your google app on your mobile phone.
  • Connect your profile to that of your TV.
  • Select More at the lowest part of your screen.
  • Choose google assistant.
  • Select the language.
  • Choose English as your language choice.

Other devices have defined steps to change their language settings from Spanish to other languages. It is advisable to follow the steps based on your TV’s model.


Most of the time, your TV changes to Spanish accidentally by sitting on your remote. This can be rectified by following a set of steps on your TV control settings. The make and model of your device is also an important factor in choosing what step to rectify the problem. Keeping your TV control far away from kids and pets is the easiest way to stop unexpected changes in your TV settings.


  • How do I change my TV settings from Spanish to English?

Your Tv settings can be changed from English to Spanish by following certain steps on your control settings that are the language option.

  • How do I change SAP settings on my TV?

Changing SAP(Secondary Audio Programming) settings depends on the make and model of your TV. Generally, you can locate the SAP on your TV settings and change It to your preference.

  • What is the meaning of SAP?

SAP means Secondary Audio Programming. This is a substitute audio channel for viewers who do not understand the English Language. This assists them to comprehend any programme that they are watching.

  • Does my location affect my Tv language settings?

Your Tv language settings can be affected when you change your location. This is dependent on the manufacturer and model.

Why Is My Tv in Spanish?

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