Costco King Crab Legs – Know More About It

Certain meals take the lead on special occasions. They are given priority as they fit the nature of those events. King crab legs are one of such meals. It is an exquisite dish that goes with many important feasts like New year’s Eve feast, family reunion feast, award night after party dinner, and more. It can also be prepared for self without an occasion to celebrate. If you’d like to get some king crab legs from a nice store to enjoy alone or with some company, read on to get information on Costco king crab legs.

Costco King Crab Legs

Costco sells king crab legs on both in-store and online purchases. Customers can either go on the Costco website or to a Costco store nearby to buy some king crab legs. Costco’s king crab legs can be either defrosted or frozen, depending on customers’ preferences.

 In this article, we have put together details about Costco king crab legs for you, so you can be aware of what Costco has to offer regarding the dish.

The type of king crab legs sold at Costco

Among the three types of king crab legs: blue, golden, and red, Costco offers the red king crab legs for sale to customers. Although the red king crab legs are not the most popular of the three, they are known as the best tasting crab legs, having the tastiest / most delicious meat compared to the other two. 

All king crab legs are steamed immediately after the catch and frozen just after for preservation. Depending on your taste, you can get your red king crab legs either thawed or frozen.

 The thawed red king crab legs are properly defrosted and packaged for customers and can be eaten as is, and most people prefer to reheat before eating. The frozen red king crab legs need defrosting, after which you can choose to heat them by either grilling, steaming, baking, or frying them.

Sizes and prices of king crab legs at Costco

Red king crab legs are sold in different sizes at Costco. Customers can, therefore, choose to buy some in the size or number they want. Sizes of king crab legs sold at Costco range from small 16:20 and 9:12 to large 4:6 and 6:9. These sizes, except size 6:9, are mostly available online. You’ll likely find only the size 6:9 in a Costco store. 

As should be, the bigger the size of the king crab legs, the more the cost. Regardless, all king crab legs are sold per pound at Costco. For sizes 6:9 red king crab legs, you can either purchase the defrosted 2-3 lbs pack sold at about $73 to $75 or the frozen 10 lbs pack sold at about $250.

The prices above are not exact as the prices of the said commodity may differ from online to in-store purchases.

When and where to find king crab legs at Costco

Costco sells king crab legs all year long as customers demand them all year long. You can get some by placing an order online with the Costco website or going to a Costco store nearby.

 You will find the red king crab legs in the meat section, on the Fish and Seafood aisle, alongside other seafood. It is stored in a transparent bin-like freezer where you’ll find both the thawed and frozen crab legs. 

If you need the king crab legs for dinner on that very day, you can purchase the thawed ones, but if you are going to use them anytime later than that, it is advisable to get the frozen ones so they can remain fresh till use.

How to purchase the king crab legs on the Costco website

You can order the king crab legs on the Costco website by following the process below:

1. Visit the Costco website at

2. Click on “Account” above. This will redirect you to the page where you’ll be required to create an account with Costco or sign in to your Costco account.

3. Sign in by typing your email and password in the required boxes, or click on “create account” to be redirected to the page where you’ll be required to give your email and preferred password to open a Costco account (there is also a space for a membership number, but it is optional).

4. Afterwards, click on shop on the top left corner of your screen. You’ll see a list of options to pick from. Click on “groceries,” under which you’ll click on “seafood.” 

5. After clicking on “seafood”, you’ll be taken to the page where you’d see a variety of seafood.

6. Look for the king crab legs and click on add. This will automatically add the item to the cart.

7. Go to (click) “cart” on the top right corner of your screen. Here, you’ll see your order and its price. 

8. Click on “checkout” and choose your preferred payment option.


Costco king crab legs are available for purchase or order at any time of the year. You just need to know your preference between defrosted and frozen king crab legs and the quantity and size you want. Once that is decided, you can go on to order your king crab legs from the Costco Website or purchase some at any Costco store near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The king crab legs sold at Costco come from the Russian far Barents Sea. The Russian king crabs are way bigger than the Alaskan king crabs. Therefore, they are more expensive than the Alaskan ones.

  • Why are Costco king crab legs so expensive?

Costco king crab legs are quite expensive because of their sizes. The king crab legs sold at Costco are one of the biggest kinds (the Russian red king crab). Therefore, their prices are very high. But, the quality and taste of the king crab legs sold at Costco make them worth every penny.

Costco King Crab Legs – Know More About It

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