Does Meijer accept PayPal -What methods does Meijer accept? 

Meijer is a well-known supercenter that provides groceries, medications, appliances, and home improvement through over 200 of their stores across the United States. It has been serving the diverse household needs of Americans since the 1930s. Despite its many payment options, Meijer does not accept PayPal in its physical stores, online, or at Meijer gas stations. What options do customers have? Meijer accepts payment methods like credit , debit cards and gift card. So lets see Does Meijer accept PayPal.

PayPal at Meijer 

Considering Meijer’s size, one would think it would accept PayPal, which is one of the most widely used payment ways in America when customers shop in-store or online. However, Meijer has not integrated PayPal into its payment system. Customers may be wondering why. The following may be some of the reasons why Meijer does not accept PayPal: 

  • Transaction fees may be relatively high when compared to other online payment systems.
  • Security concerns could be a factor as PayPal stores people’s personal information, including card and bank details. 

What payment methods does Meijer accept? 

In the absence of PayPal, Meijer provides many alternatives to facilitate its consumers with the payment process. Meijer has its own credit, debit, and gift cards in addition to accepting digital wallets and major credit cards, as the Meijer website states. These payment methods are explained as follows: 

  • Cash: Cash is accepted for in-store purchases when customers are checking-out. Cash on delivery is another way for paying for groceries delivered to your doorstep. 
  • Meijer Cards: Meijer has two types of shop cards: a store-specific card and a platinum MasterCard. To get one of these cards, you must apply online or in person at one of the Meijer stores. These cards are valid in-store and online. The store-only card is only accepted at Meijer stores, whereas the Meijer MasterCard can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Customers can use these cards to earn rewards and even receive discounts. 
  • Meijer gift cards: You can use Meijer gift cards for in-store purchases. The gift cards usually cost around $5-$500. Likewise, Meijer e-gift cards are available for online purchases.  
  • Credit and Debit cards: Meijer accepts credit cards from major card companies such as Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Customers can use these cards for in-store and online shopping. For debit cards, customers can use them for up to $50 exceeding the purchase amount for purchase in a Meijer store, or up to $5 exceeding the purchase total for a gas station purchase.
  • Digital Wallets: Meijer accepts digital wallets, including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. Digital wallets like Apple Pay are highly safe and convenient as you only have to open their handheld devices to make a payment. 
  • EBT: Meijer accepts EBT cards. When you are using the Meijer Pickup service, you can use your EBT card to pay, as the pick up service is free when you spend $35 or more. 
  • Checks: Meijer accepts checks for in-store purchases. The different types of cheques they accept are personal cheques, organizational cheques, and traveler’s cheques
  • Personal Checks: These cheques are accepted as long as your purchase is written for up to $25 over the purchase amount for an in-store purchase or up to $5 over the purchase amount of a gas station purchase.
  • Organizational Checks: These checks are accepted as long as your purchase is written for up to $25 over the purchase amount for an in-store purchase or up to $5 over the purchase amount of a purchase at a gas station. 
  • Traveler’s Checks: These checks are accepted as long as your purchase is written for up to $100. It must be signed by the customer at the checkout and be monitored by the cashier. 


Meijer does not currently allow PayPal as a means of payment in any of its stores, gas stations, or on its online platform. To give customers a good shopping experience, it does accept other payment methods like cash, credit and debit cards, cheques, digital wallets, and its own credit and gift cards. Hopefully, Meijer will accept PayPal in the future so that customers may benefit even more. 


Can I pay with PayPal at Meijer? 

Meijer does not accept PayPal. You will have to choose another payment method. 

How can I get the Meijer card? 

To sign up for the Meijer credit card, you can apply at official website. You must take note that you have to meet certain criteria to get the card. 

Can I use my Meijer card elsewhere? 

The Meijer Mastercard may be used outside of Meijer. However, the Meijer credit card can only be used in Meijer locations. 

Which retailers accept PayPal?

Major retailers, like Walmart, Target, Office Depot, and many others, accept PayPal.

Does Meijer accept PayPal -What methods does Meijer accept? 

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