How To Get Free Money

Apart from earning by toiling hard, getting money for free is also possible. There are many ways and many sites that provide free money. It just requires thorough surfing of the internet. Even if you are a billionaire, having to enjoy free money is something everybody will be excited about! Let’s learn some of the ways through which you can get free money. Let’s know more about How To Get Free Money

How To Get Free Money

There are some recognized methods to get money for free. That includes taking paid surveys, becoming focus group members, giving referrals, watching videos, playing games, reviewing, and getting paid for selfies. 

Some Common Ways You Can Get Free Money 

  1. By Joining Focus Groups

Focus groups help businesses with what is expected from them by their targetted audience. The members of the group will be paid for the feedback and their views on the particular genre of the business. It helps the company to develop on areas that need updating. The focus groups are predominantly conducted offline but there are also a few groups that can be attended online. 

The basic payout for focus group members for their opinions can be around 50 to 250 dollars. The members will be selected based on the types of articles, that is students would be preferred for education materials and medical students for medico products, etc.  

  1. By Referring Friends

It is one of the easiest ways to get free money. It just requires a referral code if the referred person uses that, both of them will be benefitted. There are so many companies and brands that provide such referral benefits nowadays. In this way, the brands also get benefitted by making more number people refer to their brands to others. 

The few companies that provide the best referral benefits are banks, energy companies, and broadband providers. It is the most common business tactic used by companies for marketing purposes.

  1. By Taking Online Paid Surveys

Yes, the opinions can be converted to money. By taking online paid surveys, one can get free money just for expressing their views. Online survey sites provide the facility to earn by completing the surveys in their spare time. There are a lot of online survey sites, but to get free money, one should know if it is a paid survey. Survey Junkie has a salient record of paying its surveyors constantly. To take such surveys just sign up using a free account and give legitimate answers to the questions asked.

  1. By Watching Videos And Playing Games

Why watch videos for free if we can get money to do the same. Multiple sites provide gift points and gift cards to watch videos. These points can be claimed as money transfers or other stuff. The sites pay cash to watch their sponsored videos, movie shows, commercials, TV shows, etc. is one such main partner for paying to watch videos. The game freaks can also earn just by playing games. The apps give the users a certain number of points and these can be claimed by direct Paypal transfer. 

  1. Get Free Money By Giving Reviews

The reviews for various articles are being paid. The constructive reviews for movies, songs, or any kind of show are being rewarded by many sites. pays the users to rate and give a valuable review of songs on its site. Book and article reviews are also more prevalent nowadays. Some brands send freebies for reviews from the general audience. 

  1. By Taking Selfies

It may look like a joke but selfies are also getting paid. The company called Pay Your Selfie is paying to click selfies in different locations. These location attributes are used for companies to market their products in various locations depending on age, gender, etc.  

  1. For Students

Students can get money by sharing their course notes with fellow students through the internet. The site Nexus Notes pay students for their subject notes. A student is expected to upload the notes and he/she will get pain if another person downloads the notes. Both handwritten and typed notes are accepted by the site. Anyhow the typed notes pay high compared to handwritten notes.  


Having a part-time income helps in managing the daily needs apart from the salaries earned from the jobs. Why lose the chance of getting money easily by small tasks. There are many ways to earn money but before choosing a site or company, make sure it is legitimate. There are also possibilities of being scammed and losing money.  Ask peers if the particular choice is good for earning. 

  1. Is it feasible to get money for free?

Yes, it is possible to earn money for free. There are various sites for this. 

  1. Can I get money just for surfing the internet?

Yes, the site gives money to users to surf through Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, and eBay.

  1. How can I get free money from my writing?

Publishing Kindle books without any investments is a fine choice for earning money from your writing skills.

  1. How can I get free money from e-commerce sites?

E-commerce sites often benefit users with cashback and other gift cards and coupons. 

How To Get Free Money

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