How To Watch The Miss America Pageant?

The 2022 Miss America competition homestretch is nearly then, and its mix of gift shows, judge interviews, and the “red carpet” competition makes for a great evening. However, if you stay in another country, you’ll encounter geo-caps and won’t be able to see the main occasion. So Lets know How To Watch The Miss America Pageant?

How to watch the Miss America Pageant

You can still watch Miss America Pageant and see who’s culminated, Miss America! The Miss America Pageant is now easily on Peacock. 


Peacock is an above-the-top viewing service from NBCUniversal, with replay tape-on-request and some live occasions. Contributing to TV series and images from the NBC and Universal storage, the much third-party program is ready from Lionsgate, and more. 

Peacock has free, decoration, and announcement-free options. 

You can subscribe for free and watch The Miss America Pageant There’s a pre-show morning at 7 p.m., accompanied by the live pageant at 8 p.m. 

Still, there’s a lot happier available on the $4.99 monthly premium league. Peacock equally has a decoration announcement-free subscription for $9.99 monthly. 

Not only will this payment remove commercials, but it has a whole lot of programs not ready without payment explanation from Peacock. 

Peacock aids iPhone, iPad, and many more erected-in. You can know more in our opinion of Peacock. You can pay Peacock on their site. 

This competition currently marks another move in Miss America’s change from a “pageant” to a “tournament,” which is based on education, social effects, and women’s involvement. 

“We’re moving through a pictorial change in our nation with women taking the strength to rise and have their voices listened to on various topics,” said Gretchen Carlson, leader of the Board of Trustees, in press information in 2019. “Miss America is happy to grow into an organization and join this involvement drive.” 

Beneath, we’ve detailed how to see Miss America on the internet without payment; from when Miss America starts, to where it’s organized. But before we descend into all of that, this is what to understand about the Miss America pageant itself. 

The Last time Miss America was held

Miss America 2022 was held on December 16, 2021, live employing the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut. 

This is the inaugural period in the tournament’s past, Miss America won’t be shown on channel-based TV instead, Miss America 2021 was viewed online at 8 p.m. ET on Peacock. 

View Miss America on the internet without payment 

So how can you see Miss America on the internet without spending money? If you don’t own a Peacock membership yet, don’t be scared — there’s a style you can employ to see the 101st periodic Miss America tournament on the internet without payment. Study on to know-how. 

View Miss America employing Peacock’s non-payment Package 

While Miss America is ready to be aired to all Peacock Premium or Peacock Premium Plus users, all fans can see the pageant yes if they aren’t paying for a paid bundle. 

During this period, Peacock is ensuring Miss America without payments to see with Peacock without payment package. 

The without payment package which users can pay with just their shipping — provides thousands of hours of images and TV series from NBC Universal platform like NBC, as well as some Peacock normal. 

Go with the style beneath to see Miss America on the internet without payment. 

Produce an account and subscribe to Peacock’s free plan. 

Search for Miss America and see the occasion when it shows live. 

Miss America 2021 panelists

The panelists for the Miss America 2021 tournament are Danielle Canty, Jessica Rae, Kevin Davis, Paige Mycoskie, and John Gurney. 

Miss America Rewards 

Miss America will take home a $100,000 academic scholarship. Also, the tournament will give over $1,500,000 in studying among the 51 competitors. 


Miss America fans can see the tournament live through all timelines on the NBC viewing service Peacock at 8 p.m. ET. Observers can subscribe for free by or downloading the Peacock television app.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the Miss America tournament on Hulu? 

During this period, “Miss America” is only shown on Peacock. The elaborate occasion cannot be on Netflix, Hulu, or any other payment viewing service, and nothing will be reverted soon. 

Is the Miss America pageant on TV? 

America, Inc., marked its 45th year of existence in 2021. The occasion has been on TV channels like PAX and WE (Women’s Entertainment); and in May 2011, it was shown on the My Family TV channel 

Can I see Mrs. America on Amazon Prime? 

You’re suitable to stream Mrs. America by renting or copping on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu.

What is the distinction between Miss America and Miss USA?

Miss USA has a swimsuit tournament; Miss America has a gift session. Another big distinction between the two shows is that the Miss USA tournament has a swimsuit occasion while Miss America is over that part.  occasion while Miss America is over that part. 

How To Watch The Miss America Pageant?

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