If One Credit Bureau Removes, Do Others Have To?

Do you have a wrong report to clear with over one credit bureau? Is it affecting your credit report for anything else that you want to do? Well, the good news is that you can clear this inaccuracy and be free from it for life, except if you activate it again. However, people often ask, if one credit bureau removes, do others have to? 

If One Credit Bureau Removes, Do The Others Have To?

You need to clear wrong information with every credit bureau that you have a record with. This is because every bureau has unique records of you and clearing one doesn’t count for all. So, if you clear your dispute with one credit bureau and it removes, others won’t until you also clear your dispute with them.

If you want to know more about credit bureau removal and how one doesn’t affect others, continue reading this article. Also, this article explains if you have to dispute with all 3 credit bureaus and if deleted collection can come back. Furthermore, we will discuss the number of credit bureaus that exist, so we want you to continue reading this article for more information.

Do I have to dispute with all 3 credit bureaus?

There are 3 different credit bureaus and you have to dispute the one that has the inaccurate report. You do not need to dispute all three credit bureaus to get cleared of a wrong report, as the process is not necessary. Also, the policies governing these 3 credit bureaus are different for each of them. So, disputing the wrong report could take a different turn for every bureau involved.

When you discover something wrong in your credit report, no policy stops you from disputing it. You need to contact the credit bureau that has that report and dispute it with them. The credit repair process demands you to take this vital action and not leave it hanging. However, we advise you to figure out the particular credit bureau that has the report that doesn’t agree with and sort it out.

Some credit experts and analysts have said that when you correct a credit report on one bureau, it will automatically clear from others. This is probably true, but it doesn’t apply every time, as they have said. Majority of the time you have to contact other credit bureaus to make sure you clear the report with them too.

If one credit bureau removes, do the others have to?

You might still wonder that if one credit bureau removes, do others have to? If one credit bureau removes, there is no assurance that others will until you take the compulsory action to make them remove. You need to know that all the credit bureaus don’t share data amongst themselves. Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax are the three different credit bureaus and each of them operates differently from the other. 

With this, if you succeed in making one credit bureau remove an inaccuracy in your report in Experian, TransUnion is not obligated to do the same automatically. Also, Equifax doesn’t have the obligation to remove the wrong report automatically. The report will only go off every credit bureau if you remove it from every bureau separately. Since the dispute process of all three credit bureaus is different, you need to go through them differently.

Some platforms can get you to all three credit bureaus with simple steps. One of such platforms is DoNotPay and its clean credit report product can help you get through wrong report issues. 

Most common factual errors that can display on your report in any credit bureau

Although all three bureaus operate differently, they still have things that are universal amongst them. Things like what can go wrong on a credit report and also some of the information that they have in them. But, we will look at the inaccurate dictation that can occur the most on all three credit bureaus, and they are:

  • Business and brand names that don’t look legit or familiar displaying in the space for inquiry. It means that they have carried out some inquiries, which you don’t know about and they didn’t ask for permission to do it.
  • Some accounts could list a wrong debt amount, showing that you owe more than the actual amount of what you owe. This is one wrong dictation that you can see on your credit report.
  • Your personal information might change to an incorrect one, and when something like this happens, contact the credit bureau and make sure they do the correction.

Can the deleted collection come back?

If you succeed in having a collection deleted, there is no chance of that collection appearing again. However, if you perform a new action, the collection has a high tendency to come back. It is because the collection has passed the removal deadline. Also, the policies cannot change when it concerns such a matter.


The three active credit bureaus operate in unique ways. Also, they don’t share individual data amongst themselves. Equifax doesn’t share people’s data with Experian, and they both don’t also share with TransUnion.

Although many people know about this policy, they are still wondering if one credit bureau removes it, do the others have to? When one credit bureau clears you, the others don’t have to, except they receive a command. You are the one to give the order.

If One Credit Bureau Removes, Do Others Have To?

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