Staghorn Fern -Let’s Know More

Resembling the forked antlers of male deer, the staghorn fern is primarily native to Africa, Australia, and Southeast Asia. Staghorn ferns are one of the most commonly cultivated ornamental plants and make great indoor walls or outdoors adornments.

Staghorn Fern

What Makes Staghorn Fern Special?

Staghorn ferns though not rare to find and plant, the rarity depends mostly on the type of the species one desires. They are exceptionally beautiful compared to other house plants.  A mature Staghorn fern has a sterile leave that looks like a shield and the normal leaves may droop or erect depending on the variety of fern. They produce spores as reproductive organs which are bored on the edges of the normal leaves.

Staghorn ferns -Growing and Caring

Staghorn ferns grow well in native regions. They require little food or water but need much shade. Staghorn ferns are found clinging to other trees and plants from where they receive nutrients and water.

Staghorn ferns have become very popular and can be found in most places. Staghorn ferns are grown indoors as well as outdoors. Though staghorn ferns can be grown in many ways, some of the popular ways in which they are planted can be 

  • Planting near a large tree for support
  • Mounding them in with mosses and burlap
  •  Growing in a hanging basket

 Staghorn ferns can live for decades with good care and handling. Humidity, lighting, and temperature need to be handled with utmost care while dealing with staghorn ferns. Staghorn ferns require frequent watering with sufficient intervals in between for drying the medium in which it grows. Providing bright and indirect lighting makes the Staghorn fern happy. Younger staghorn ferns require more fertilizers than matured ones. 

Some common types of Staghorn Ferns

Belonging to the Platycerium genus of the polypod family, staghorn ferns are a bunch of about 18 species of epiphytes. Some of the species of staghorn fern grown and loved by plant collectors across the world are:

SPECIESNative RegionFeaturesAverage price
P. bifurcatumJava, New Guinea, eastern Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Lord Howe IslandOccurs near rainforests, heart-shaped sterile frond, arching grey-green fertile fronds – forked and strap-shapedA 30″ hanging Platycerium Bifurcatum Live Plant Staghorn Fern has a price tag of $ 398.00 on eBay
P. andinumAndes of Peru, Bolivia, dry forest on the Amazonian slopestall slender, distinctive crown-like tops, does not like full sun, or great amounts of waterSpores cost around $18 -$25 and a pot size 3’’ cost around $15 on eBay and amazon
P. coronariumSoutheast Asia, the East Indiesbroad and upright Foliage leaves, and narrow, pendulous, dichotomously lobed spore-bearing leaves up to fifteen feet (4.6 meters) in lengthRare Platycerium coronarium in a 5″ pot cost around $55.00 on eBay
P. grandePhilippines, island of Mindanao, Zamboanga, Lanao and Davao provincesvery tolerant of full filtered sun and can tolerate temp down to freezingBeing declared a critically endangered species by the Philippines Government it is hard to get this species on the open market
P. hilliiQueensland, Australiabright green fertile fronds, fronds are much broader with wide bifurcations, only 2-3 feet long1 plant pot size 5 costs around $20, and mounted plants costing from around $60.00 in various stores
P. superbumlowland rainforests in Queensland and northern New South Walesbracket epiphyte doesn’t produce plantlets (pups), can grow to great proportionsSpores US-grown costs around $10-$18, and young starter plants cost around $20-$30 in various stores
P. veitchiiEastern Australiaas an ornamental Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of ‘Garden MeritA 4” pot costs around $90-$105 across various stores

How much does it cost to grow staghorn ferns?

Depending on the variety and the age of the staghorn fern the price of the fern varies considerably. Normally, staghorn ferns are priced above other similar and contemporary plants. Staghorn ferns are more expensive compared to other house plants and ferns. The price of staghorn ferns can vary from as little as $10 to as much as $500 and more.

One important factor determining the price of the staghorn fern is their age. The more the age the more the price. The price range on average normally falls between $10 to as much as $300. Generally, for a simple hanging or potted plant, the price of a fern is going to be anywhere from $5 to as much as $30. The time of the season, the size, as well as the geographical location, can play a factor in the pricing.

Price Range OF Staghorn Fern

The Price range of some of the general groups of staghorn are:

  • 40-year-old staghorn fern:

Staghorn fern that is above the age of 25 will range between $500 to $1,000. Prices may vary according to the condition of the plant.

  • 30-year-old staghorn fern:

The price range is along the lines of $500 on average. If the plant is smaller in size then you could get it at a lower price.

  • Baby staghorn fern:

The new and baby staghorn ferns can come from $10 to around $300. This is the average range of the young staghorn ferns as they need less maintenance cost.

  • Lemoine staghorn fern:

These types of ferns cost twice as much as the regular baby staghorn ferns. They can start from $25 and can go up to $50 to $100.

  • Large staghorn fern:

Depending on the size, the price of a staghorn fern can vary. But in general, a large staghorn fern will cost you at least $100. Though the staghorn fern is labeled as an expensive plant and requires scheduled care and handling. The staghorn fern is an exception among the fern category because of its beauty and will definitely make home a more beautiful space to live in.

Staghorn Fern -Let’s Know More

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