Ways to fix Cox Contour Remote-Learn More About It

A contour remote accompanies Cox cable packages and gives an enhanced TV viewing experience. It helps one in the tuning channels, searching for programs, and much more with a voice command. Most times remotes tend not to respond, even when an individual is pointing right in front of a device. Let us know Ways to fix Cox Contour Remote.

Ways to fix Cox Contour Remote-Learn More About It

There are many ways to fix the Cox contour remote. When issues arise from remote functions, one will probably want to reach out to professional hands for it to be resolved through Cox tech support for aid. But, periodically one should be able to fix the Cox contour remote, to avoid unnecessary problems and stress from calling a professional to fix it. There are many clues to help in rectifying the contour remote, graze below;

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Ways to fix Cox contour remote.

  • First, examine the batteries in the remote; check the batteries to be sure that they are not weak, or worn out. Sometimes it may just be the batteries that need to be changed.

Use high battery quality and check if the remote is working again, remotes need to be paired with the TV again after changing the batteries for butter usage.

  • Reprogramming the remote; considerably remotes may not be adequately programmed, causing the remote not to function well. One needs to check if it is paired to the Tv box or any device one uses.

Know that the remote won’t function with multiple devices at a time, once a device is paired with it, it won’t work on any different device, be it TV or radio, only functions with one paired device at a time.

  • Check for the Model compatibility; is vital to check the compatibility of the remote. Lack of compatibility mainly occurs when an individual got the contour remote separately, which becomes a problem.

Therefore, one must check the model of the remote for its compatibility to avoid issues.

  • Check the environment of the remote; the place where the remote is matters a lot, the new version of the contour remote can be directed anywhere to function, nothing should block the remote’s signal to the contour device receiver.

One should be cautious of the distance of using the remote, it should not be far away because IR remotes have a limited distance for it to function adequately.

  • Reset Factory; if the issue with the remote continues, then the person needs to perform a Factory Reset.
  1. Identify the remote with the help of Cox online self-help user guide resources.
  2. If one has the newer contour voice remote, press and hold the A and D buttons concurrently until the red LED turns green on the remote.
  3. For other contour remotes, press and hold the format button, till the red LED turns green.
  4. Then pair it to the receiver or device, and re-test the remote functions.

Possible remote issues and solutions.

  • When it is unable to control the volume on the TV: If the remote does not control the TV volume, there are possibilities that the volume lock is either set to the TV or it is not programmed to the TV. One needs to reset the volume lock, or if that is not the issue of the malfunction, program the remote to the television.
  • If it does not operate reliably: If the remote does not operate when needed, it may impede the remote and the TV or receiver. When one uses the remote in a place where things block the signal, the remote can stop working. Also happens when the angle at which it is edged is too large or one is out of range of the remote, which is the issue in all IR remotes when it extends to 30 feet.

One should be certain that the remote control is placed directly in front of the TV panel or receiver and any obstacles in its path should be removed.

  • If it stopped changing channels: If one can not change channels with the remote, it could be the batteries are dead, weak, too old, or inserted wrongly.

All one needs to do is turn on the power button on the Cox Contour TV box, and if it happens to turn on and off, then put new batteries in the remote and try again.

Please Note: If someone has utilized all of the provided tips, but nothing seems to work, one may need to get a new remote.

The remote may be too old or damaged, so the person needs to reach out to Cox customer service to get directions on the necessary steps to take to get the remote renewed or fixed up as the case may be.

Faulty remotes can be repaired, if sent to the Cox service center at convenience, be sure not to get the remote replaced from another store or place to avoid more issues.

Conclusion: There are many ways to fix Cox contour remotes, one doesn’t need to be tech-savvy to use them. But if the person is unable to exercise the solutions, a Cox customer service representative will be much better to be of help.


How can one pair the Cox Contour TV remote with any other TV?

One needs the TV manufacturer’s code to set it, the model code and serial number are printed on the right-hand side of TV sets. Once the code is found, press and hold the format button on the remote until the red LED turns green. Type in the code and press ok, the remote light should blink green twice when the right code is entered. 

How does one troubleshoot the Cox contour remote?

Cox has a troubleshooting section on their site, call their tech support on mobile at 1-866-867-7644.

Ways to fix Cox Contour Remote-Learn More About It

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