Costco Coupons-You Need To Know

You didn’t stumble on this article. Millions of Costco lovers search far and wide to get their hands on the Costco Coupon Book to save that extra buck and buy that item at a cheaper rate. Depending on the season or the type of customer you are, you could get huge discounts and offers on products sold by Costco that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Things you need to know more about Costco Coupons.

Costco Coupons

Costco coupons are coupons for Costco products. Coupons are tickets or vouchers that give the holders the right to redeem them for a financial discount or special offer when purchasing the product that the coupon was created for.

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Things you should know about Costco coupons

  • The Costco Coupon Book
  • They can be obtained offline and online.
  • Use special cards.
  • Costco Membership
  • Deal Alerts
  • Costco Coupon Book:  Unless you have been sleeping under a rock, you should have heard about the Costco coupon book released monthly and filled with loads of deals and offers for saving you money and giving you the chance to buy items in large quantities and feel good buying them. You can lay your hands on the book, or check some websites that place scans of the coupon book on their website monthly.
  • Obtainable offline and online: The Costco coupon book is the offline version for obtaining coupons and knowing what items are on sale or are available at ridiculously low prices. Yes, some deals are peculiar to just offline (hardcopy) coupons, but that’s one way. Did you know that you could find these coupons online? And some of them are also peculiar to Costco online. You’re given the chance to stay clear of the sun and sit on your sofa or take a walk while scanning through the large selection of online deals, which, just like the coupon book, is also updated monthly.
  • Use special cards: When we say “special cards” we’re not referring to Costco cards, we’re referring to separate financial institutions that give special discounts on purchases at Costco. In addition to the discount from the Costco coupons, the Costco Anywhere Visa pays you back 2% at Costco, online or offline. It has no annual fee, all that is required to sign up, is for you to be a Costco member. You get 4% back on gas costs, up to $7,000, 3% back on restaurant and eligible travel costs, and 1% everywhere else, all on the Costo Anywhere Visa Card.
  • Costco Membership: Costco has two membership options. The Executive Membership, and the Gold Star Membership. Depending on how frequently you spend at Costco, you will know what type of membership to use. The Gold Star Membership is preferable for less frequent Costco shoppers for just 60 dollars. The Executive Membership is preferable for loyal, frequent Costco customers who spend up to $230 per month on Costco purchases, as you will get a 2% cashback on purchases. At times, these memberships can be tweaked by Costco to make new customers more likely to take part in the memberships. These memberships are useful for offline and online purchases.
  • Deal Alerts: To help people know when their coveted item is on sale, or if there is a new discount that would help a lot, some websites have created ‘Deal Alerts’ which send notifications to people when some specific Costco coupons are available for them to make judicious use of it.

Costco Coupon discounts are available

This part of the article is subject to when it was published. Below are some coupons and offers made available by Costco.

  • Instant Savings discount (up to $200 depending on the item).
  • Specific amount off (up to $50 depending on the item).
  • All-in-one discounts.
  • Discount from a specific brand.
  • Buy one item, and get a percentage off another item.
  • Limited and No Limit discounts.
  • Member-only savings.
  • In-warehouse savings.


Costco coupons are a very big deal and can help you save that extra buck, allowing you to use the money somewhere else. Whether you’re a coupon king or queen, you can never regret having a coupon or coupon code at hand.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can you stack Costco coupons?

You cannot stack the same coupons with each other, but you can combine a store and a manufacturer’s coupon to get a bigger discount on a single product in a single transaction. As long as the coupons are not the same, you can stack them.

  • Can you use expired Costco coupons?

No. Costco coupons; Instant savings are only valid for the time shown in the coupon book or stated as its validity period. But some credit card companies partnered with Costco tell customers to ignore the expiry date on the retailer’s Cash Back Rebate Coupons.

  • Does Costco automatically apply coupons?

At Costco, coupons are automatically applied to products at the store. When you buy online, you may need to input a coupon code to use the discount offered.

  • Can I cash out my coupons?

No, you cannot exchange your Costco coupon for cash. It can only be used for purchases of specific items.

Costco Coupons-You Need To Know

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