Does CVS Have MoneyGram?

MoneyGram is an alternative means to pay bills. With MoneyGram, users have access to a different method of payment which includes cash, debit, and credit card. MoneyGram serves as a money service provider to CVS and the majority of retail stores all over the country.

Does CVS Have MoneyGram?

Does CVS Have MoneyGram?

CVS has MoneyGram kiosks or phones in almost all their locations, making it easy for customers to an alternative means to pay bills. To make insurance bill payments using MoneyGram, CVS requires health plan members to have obtained MoneyGram’s bill payment services.

CVS And MoneyGram

In 2019, MoneyGram partnered with CVS. MoneyGram serves as a financial service provider for CVS in the majority of their stores. Depending on the desired service, customers can make use of different payment methods such as cash, debit, and credit cards. Money gram kiosks can be found in CVS at the storefront check out and kiosk locations vary based on the CVS location you choose. At CVS MoneyGram, the provision of any form of government ID may be asked for such as, state ID, driver’s license, and photo ID based on the requested service. MoneyGram Money transfers and MoneyGram Money orders are the common transactions carried out with CVS stores. There are over 9,900 CVS stores where MoneyGram money order is being issued.

Bill Payment At CVS Using MoneyGram

Paying bills using MoneyGram at CVS requires little or no stress. You just have to follow the steps below. 

  •  Call customer service by making use of the MoneyGram phone.
  • You will be asked to choose a transaction method when the menu list pops up, and click on “Pay a bill”
  • Input your phone number.
  • A MoneyGram agent will ask you to confirm some information such as the amount you want to send, your account number, name, address, and telephone number, and Life Wireless receive code.
  • You will be given some important information by the MoneyGram Agent.
  • The final step is to take the information given by the MoneyGram agent to the retail location and deliver it to the cashier who will then make completion of the payment.

Receiving Money Transfer At CVS

To receive a MoneyGram Money transfer at CVS, you will be required to provide your photo ID, and the transaction reference number received from the sender. Before visiting that, make sure you give a call to find out if your cash is available at hand to complete your transaction. No fee is required for the recipients of MoneyGram money transfer. Moreover, funds are always given in cash.


CVS is one of the trusted places to purchase a Money order and also to receive a MoneyGram Money transfer. MoneyGram fees depend on the amount, location, and method of payment. In-person domestic and online transfers are possible with MoneyGram including payment of bills, prepaid card loading, and money orders. It is regarded as second-largest the largest payment service in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can I get a money order at CVS?

Yes, you can get money orders at CVS. It sells money orders, and they make use of MoneyGram money orders which provides payment services and money transfers. They charge $1.25 per order.

  1. Does MoneyGram have a limit at CVS?

CVS has a MoneyGram maximum amount of $500 per money order.

  1. Are there pros and cons of using MoneyGram?

Yes, there are. The pros and cons are listed below.


  • Money can be sent online, in person, or through the app.
  • Funds can be transferred directly to a mobile wallet or bank account.


  • The fees depend on several factors including amount, destination, and method of payment.
  • In-person transfer commonly requires cash.
  • Some services are available only in particular locations.
  • The maximum for online transfers is $10,000 every month.
  1. How can I buy and fill out CVS money orders?

To buy and fill out CVS money orders follow the following procedures

  • You will need to have your money ready because getting a money order is like buying a product. You can pay in cash or make use of a debit card to make payment for a Money order.
  • The next second step is to fill out the necessary information. Fill out the information about the recipient, the dollar amount, and your information about your address as the buyer, including your signature.
  • To avoid confusion when the recipient wants to receive the money order funds, make sure you fill out the recipient’s legal name or business name.
  • For reference purposes, a receipt will be given to you. Make sure you keep the receipt properly until you are convinced that the recipient has received the payment.
  1. What services does CVS MoneyGram offer?

It offers several payments and money transfer services such as bill payments, money orders, and money transfers.

Does CVS Have MoneyGram?

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