Nest WiFi Blinking Yellow-Know More

If you see a blinking yellow light on your Nest WIFI, it means you have lost your internet connection with your Nest WIFI. Two main fixes can solve this problem. The first one is to restart your modem device. The second one is to restart your router device.

If you have a Nest WIFI router in your home, then probably you have noticed three kinds of yellow lights blinking on your Nest WIFI router. These three kinds of yellow lights have different meanings. The two yellow lights indicate the factory data reset when initiated on your Nest WIFI router. If you start resetting your Nest WIFI router by holding the reset button on the router for a few seconds, then you will notice a fast-blinking light on your Nest WIFI router.

Nest WiFi Blinking Yellow

If this fast-blinking light is of solid yellow color then it shows that your router is resetting or rebooting. But if you see a pulsing yellow light on your Nest WIFI router, then it is a sign of a problematic situation for you.

What the yellow pulsing light shows on your Nest WI-FI router device? 

The yellow pulsing light shows that the router has been disconnected from your network. It is a sign of some network error.

You have to get guidance from the following instructions:

You must have a good internet connection

You must have a good internet connection between your modem and router. A poor connection can also be the reason for the pulsing-yellow light on your router. To fix this connection problem, you have to ensure that your cables and router are settled properly. You should check your cable connection or plug out cables and then plug them in again to solve this issue. You should check your ethernet cable ends to ensure that none of the cable ends is broken. If it is, then repair them to fix this problem.

Reboot or restart your modem and router

To fix the issue of Nest WIFI blinking yellow, you should reboot or restart your modem and router. You should follow the following instructions to restart your router or modem:

  • Plug out your modem and Nest WIFI router from the power source or any cables.
  • Now plug in the modem cable to the power source. Again turn on your router and plug in with the power supply.
  • You should check all of your ethernet connections and must ensure their security.
  • Now, plug in the cable of your Nest WIFI router to the power source again. 
  • If there is an additional device then reconnect it to the router.
  • Open your Google Home App
  • A mesh test can tell you if everything seems perfect with your connection.

Check and configure your router properly

If your router is using other than DHCP then follow the following steps after disconnecting your router with the power source:

  • Go to the settings of your mobile device and then go to the wi-fi settings. Select the Advanced Networking option.
  • Find and select the WAN option from the display.
  • You have to choose the specific protocol for your device.

Relocate your Nest WIFI router device or change its position

One of the major reasons could be that your WIFI router is not close enough to your Internet Service Provider modem. Bring your Nest WIFI router with your modem until your problem is fixed.

Decrease the network devices by disconnecting some devices from the network

You should connect only that number of devices that can be supported or handled by your router. Your router cannot handle too much traffic at once.

Reset your Nest WIFI router 

You should perform a factory data reset on your Nest WIFI router. Locate the reset button on your Nest WIFI router and press it for almost 20 seconds. The factory data reset will start. Wait for it until it starts again. Again, forget the connection through the Google Home app and rebuild the connection. 

What does the fast-blinking yellow light indicate on your Nest WIFI router?

It indicates that your router is in reset mode. But if you have not started this reset process then you must have to contact Google customer support. If you did not attempt the reset but are seeing a yellow fast blinking light, contact Google support.


This article has addressed the issue of “nest WIFI blinking yellow” and its reasons. Any user who wants to solve this problem can get guidance from this article. It will solve this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do to reset my Nest WIFI router?

You can reset your Nest WIFI router by following the instructions or steps mentioned in the article.

My Nest WIFI keeps disconnecting. How can I fix this problem?

You should restart your Nest WIFI router and modem to fix this problem

How to forget Nest WIFI on the Google Home app?

  • Open the Google Home app.
  • Click on the Nest Wi-Fi from the list.
  • Go to the settings page.
  • From the settings page, find the Remove Device option.
  • Click the Remove Device option.
  • Now click the Remove option.

In this way, you can forget or disconnect your Nest WIFI on the Google Home app on your mobile device.  

What does the fast-blinking light indicate on the Nest WIFI router?

The yellow fast blinking light is because of some problem with the network connection. You can go through this article to know the reason for this and can fix this issue.  

Nest WiFi Blinking Yellow-Know More

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