What does it mean when someone updates their status, but you can not see it?- F

Know More- The world of social media has brought the world closer; distance is no longer a barrier to connecting with friends. Social media has made the world look like a small village where the people of the world connect and make friends. We can be able to share vital information at a fast pace with friends, and we crave to know what is happening in the life of others by seeing their status.

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It also happens that at times we cannot see someone’s updated status, which can make us worried, and we want to know the reason for that. A status is a short expression of one’s feelings, thought, ideas, opinion, or information shared with friends on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and lots more.

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Reasons why you cannot see someone updated status

  1. Private status- Yes, status can be set to private. Every social platform has room for privacy, not all statuses are public ones. Not all information is for everyone on your friend list. You share information based on who needs it. You can restrict who can see your status, you can also select some persons to see your status. One can decide to share some vital information with just a few friends thereby limiting how many people that can see the post, which means that if you are not part of the friends chosen you cannot see their updated status. You can ask why will someone wants to privatize his status? there is information you want to enclose, retain on your wall and share with a certain set of people this information can be privatized by choosing who and who sees the status. That could be the reason you can’t see their current status.
  • Level of interaction- Every social media network has a means through which it measures interaction level known as an algorithm, just like in human relationships the people you call your friends are people you interact with, and the more you interact with a person the more you get to know Them. Communication is vital in every relationship, so when there is no communication there is virtually no relationship. Your level of interaction with people’s posts influences how often you see or don’t see their updated status. Using the popular social media platform Facebook shows you more of the post you interact with; this means that your interest lies in seeing such a similar post. The more you interact with people’s posts through comments and likes the more you see their updated statuses and the less you interact with their posts the less you see their updated status. If you want to frequently see their statuses learn to like and comment on every post you have viewed and read. The next time you don’t see their updated statuses it could mean that you do not interact with their statuses.
  • You are not friends- when you are not friends with people you cannot see their status. Assume that to be an offline situation where there is no relationship between you and the other, this invariably means that there is no connection between you two; to start a conversation Mr. Peter will have to say hello to Mr. James and Mr. James will have to say Hi to Mr. Peter and there and then communication has ensued. To see their statuses send them a friend request or follow them. In a case where you see the status of someone, you are not friends with it’s either your friend is a friend to that person and he/she liked or commented on the post.
  • You have been blocked- when you are blocked, it simply means that you can no longer see the person’s profile and status, your paths cannot meet because that person has become invincible to you. when you can no longer see someone’s updated status it could mean that you have been blocked. In a case where this happens, it means that your friendship is no longer impactful. It could also mean that you have been posting some unappealing posts which led to them blocking you.
  • You have been unfriended- when they unfriend you, they have removed you from their friend zone. You are no longer friends and therefore cannot see their status directly and you cannot post on their timeline but you are not invincible to them as they can see your name appear on a friend they may know. To see their statuses, you have to search for them and go to their profile page. So, the next time you can’t see their updated status find out if you have been unfriended because that can be the reason you are not seeing their updated status.

Why do we find some statuses interesting?- Let’s Find Out

There are some person statuses that we look forward to always seeing, and that is because their statuses are informative. We learn from their post, as they say, information is power. Such a kind of post we can not afford to miss. 

Some statuses are motivating- In the world we live in, there are ups and downs, any post that tends to uplift and motivate us, we want to keep up with such status.

Some statuses are funny- we also follow people that share funny and comic posts, and we tend to keep ablaze with their status. Yeah, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy, a little laughter can help relieve stress.


When you can’t see their post, it means one of these rules has been applied. To see their updated status send them a friend request, follow them and interact with their post. To know if you have been blocked or unfriended use a friend’s phone to see if he can see their post.

Frequently ask question
  1. Is Status a Post? 

Yes, status is used interchangeably as a post on social media.

  1. Can I see the status of someone that I have unfriended?

Yes, you can come across the post of someone you have unfriended that is because you have an existing friend who is a mutual friend of the person you unfriended.

What does it mean when someone updates their status, but you can not see it?- F

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