How To Install Kodi on Retropie?

Kodi is a software program that allows you to watch all types of movies and shows. It also allows you to view photos, play games, and watch and play podcasts. It was developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology industry. This article is all about How To Install Kodi on Retropie. Read more.

How To Install Kodi on Retropie

Kodi was first launched in 2002. It was then called Xbox media player. In 2004, It changed its name to XBMC (Xbox Media Centre). It was written in the C ++ program because it was the Open-source. It was operated in different systems. It could also stream from third-party services. It is one hundred percent legal.

It is an app that allows you to have all your files in one place. It also has a setting that enables you to change the look, background, and anything that seems off to you. This app is one of its kind, no other app can meet up with it. It is hundred percent free to use. Kodi can be installed on Retropie, a software library that allows converting Raspberry I, O Droid C IC 2, or PC into a retro-gaming machine. It is one of the most popular gaming systems it can play any game. Retropie enables you to play your favorite games, home- console, and other PC games with minimum setup.

Steps to Installing Kodi on Retropie

Step 1 – You would have to install your Retropie first by downloading the Retropie SD card image from the Retropie downloads page

Step 2- Flash it on your Raspberry Pi SD card.

Step 3 – Quit emulation station on your retropie

Step 4 – input the command “Sudo apt-get install Kodi”

Step 5 – Retropie will automatically find Kodi for you, say yes to the next instruction.

Step 6 – Once your Kodi is installed input the command “Kodi” to launch the app

Step 7- Restart your retropie Kodi will only be available in view reboot your system

Step 6:Setup your profile using the control pad

Step 8-if you’re not getting any icons you can the reset settings

Step 9 -you can navigate the retro pie with your Xbox controller

Step 10 – how did network by going to the file section under the playlist it will look for different networks around you, and select the network that applies to you.

Step 11 – Assign different directories for movies pictures games and more

Step 12 – Load your network storage files

Step 13 -After completing loading your Kodi is set to use on retropie.

What to know before installing Kodi on Retropie

First, you have to install retropie on your Raspberry Pi, but if you have it installed already,  you need to update it to meet the Kodi version to be installed.

You will need a strong internet connection to run Kodi on Retropie. It is more advisable to use a Raspberry Pi 3 because it comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi.

Your SD card should be above 16 GB as you will be having on the same installation retropie and Kodi. Lesser storage space might work, but it will limit how much content you can store on the device.

Retropie and Kodi work perfectly together, you can run the program side-by-side.

You have to install retropie first before Kodi, you can then install Kodi on a section of retropie.

Never use Kodi to access copyrighted content. Whenever you find yourself wanting to access illegal content, you must use a VPN because all of your browsing information is being tracked.


Installing Kodi on Retropie means having a powerhouse for your media files. It let you have access to all your file with ease and it is also so easy to install once you have a Raspberry Pi. There are other options but Kodi works best with Retropie so why not go for the best option. It is the most popular video game emulator by Raspberry Pi.


Can Kodi work on Raspberry Pi?

Kodi is an open-source so it works on almost every platform known, from Android, and Windows to iOS and Mac OS to even Linux.

Why do I need to Install Kodi on Retrop

You can run both applications side by side without having to switch between one or            another. It allows you to switch between all of your favorite shows, games, and even music.

What version of Kodi do I use on Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi Zero to Raspberry Pi 3 or Pi 4, you can run Kodi on all of these, but a Raspberry Pi 4 is the best choice.

Why use Raspberry Pi for Kodi?

You can run Kodi using a TV streaming box, Linux laptops, and other media centers but using Raspberry Pi is super easy and affordable. All you need is a Raspberry Pi, case, keyboard, and mouse. You can easily get all of these around you.

 The Raspberry Pi is also energy efficient so running Kodi with it will be the most efficient.

How To Install Kodi on Retropie?

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