Nest Hello Not Ringing Chime-Know More

 Are you experiencing problems with your nest hello bell? Do you stress over your family’s safety because of your Nest Hello not ringing chime when needed? Nest Hello not ringing chime may be due to several reasons. But there’s nothing to worry about. There are lots of solutions for problems with regards to your nest hello device. Let’s know the solution for Nest Hello Not Ringing Chime.

Nest Hello Not Ringing Chime

Many concerns regarding a nest hello device are normally handled by restarting your device. But that as it may sometimes doesn’t work. There can also be other reasons, such as having a weak WIFI connection, overheating, obstacles like software issues, or inaccessibility due to maintenance. In case you are living in hot weather and your device is directly installed in the sunlight, the bell may turn off automatically to protect its internal features.

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Reasons For Your Nest Hello Not Ringing Chime

There are a bundle of reasons why your nest hello is not ringing chime. These reasons are:

  • Weak WIFI connection
  • Software issues
  • Inaccessibility
  • Hot weather
  • Freezing

Weak WIFI connection

Nest hello relies on your network connection. If the WIFI is not connected, the device will not work. If your WIFI signals are blocked due to some issues or are either weak, the nest hello device will also experience issues. 

Software issues

If you have not updated your device, to the latest version, your device will not work efficiently.


Nest hello device can sometimes go under maintenance and be unavailable for a few hours but will get back to working fine within 24 hours.

Hot weather

Another important reason for its problem can be hot weather. If you are living in hot weather and the device is directly positioned towards the sun, it will be overheated and can shut down in order to protect its internal electronics. 


Just like hot weather, freezing temperatures can also be problematic for the device’s functioning, causing it to shut down temporarily till the temperature returns to normal.

Dirty lens

In case there is dirt or a sticker on the lens that is playing the role of an obstacle in the recording, make sure to fix it.

Solutions For Fixing the Nest Hello Device

There are a number of solutions that will fix your nest hello device if it has stopped ringing chime. They are:

  • Rebooting WIFI
  • Battery 
  • Chime settings in the application
  • Power outlet
  • Transformer voltage
  • Check the wiring
  • Cleaning the lens

Rebooting WIFI

Sometimes, rebooting the WIFI resolves the issue. Having a bad internet connection can be a major issue and restarting your WIFI might fix the problem. 


Ensure that the battery is charged. You will also receive notifications on your application to let you know that the battery charge is low and you need to charge it. If you have not received the notification, make sure to turn on the push notifications from the application. On the off- chance that the battery is low, charge it. This can be done by connecting it with the USB- C cable.

Chime settings

If someone has turned off the chime from your nest hello device, it will not ring. Go to settings on the app and see if the quiet time is active. Turn it off it is active. 

Power outlet

Make sure that the switch which provides power to the device is on or not tripped.

Transformer voltage

Sometimes, your transformer does not have enough voltage to deliver enough power to the chime. You may need to upgrade the transformer. 

Check the wiring

  1. Check wires that are intact with the device.
  2. Make sure to check each and every wire for dirt or corrosion. 
  3. Make sure that the wires are not closely touching each other. 
  4. Tighten the screws to keep the connection intact.

Cleaning the lens

Having a dirty lens will prevent the device from clearly recording. Wipe the lens clean by using a soft cloth and make sure that there are no stickers on the device.

Given these points, we can thus conclude that a nest hello not ringing chime may have several reasons such as hot weather, weak internet connection, overheating, or inaccessibility. Sometimes, restarting your device or even rebooting your internet may help fix the problem. But sometimes, there may be something more than that which can be resolved by taking a look at your device’s wiring and application settings. 

Frequently asked questions

How can I charge nest hello device?

There is a USB- C cable, provided in the packaging. Make sure to keep it plugged in when setting it up so that can be connected to the internet

How to reset nest hello?

On the back of the doorbell, there will be a reset button, just below the USB port. Press and hold it for 5 seconds and your bell will restart.

How to check if the nest hello bell is offline?

If there is a green light on the camera, means that the camera is working fine. If not, the app will send you a notification to let you know that the camera is offline.

Why is my nest hello not connecting to the WIFI?

Try to move your camera a little closer to the router and try to connect it again.

Nest Hello Not Ringing Chime-Know More

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