Vizio Tv Sound But No Picture-Know More

Vizio TV is a well-built television with great images and very quality and powerful programs. Have you ever sat down after a long day at work to enjoy your favorite program, only to realize that the TV has sound but no pictures? How did you feel? I bet you felt bored and disgusted at the same time. Let’s know more about Vizio Tv Sound But No Picture.

Vizio Tv Sound But No Picture

Possible Reasons Why Your Vizio TV has Sound but No Picture.

  • Failed Old boards- a TV isn’t just the screen you see from the outside. It has circuit boards that enable it to function properly. If these cables fail to work properly, your Vizio TV will automatically experience the problem of having sound with no pictures.
  • Inadequate Power Supply- when your power supply keeps going on and off, your Vizio TV might be affected. You might be hearing the sound, but the pictures may fail to show.

With the above reason of a Vizio TV having sound but showing no pictures, you might be forced to try the following steps.

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Try Flashlight Tests

The black light is usually the main part of any non-OLED TV. These particular arrays of LEDs light up the screen reflecting it into the image you want to see. If this black light stops working, you will fail to see the images.

The flashlight test enhances stimulation at the backlight of your TV. The following are steps followed when doing a flashlight test.

  • Get a very powerful flashlight.
  • Turn on your Vizio television.
  • Make sure that your lights are turned off.
  • Turn your flashlight on and hold it an inch away from your TV.
  • Keenly look at the screen and see if you have an image.
  • Move the flashlight closely around the screen.
  • If you can see anything, your backlight is faulty and requires urgent replacement.
  • If you don’t see anything, your matrix display might be an issue.

If you finish diagnosing your Vizio TV and get to know that your backlight has an issue, you can, at this point, call the Vizio customer care team so that they can offer the kind of support needed. 

Check Your Cables

It is always advisable to check on your cables regularly. It is usually good to do this practice once in a while and replace all the faulty cables. You can also try to reconnect the TV directly into the socket if you have tried using a power strip before.

You can also turn your TV off, especially while experiencing thunderstorms, or plug the TV in a surge protector to save the Vizio TV from power fluctuations.

Purpose to Change Input Channels

The TV might secede to go into audio-only mode by itself. The reason as to why this happens largely depends on the type of TV you have. Here is a universal way to fix it.

  • Take your remote and the input from the current one to a particular one you want to watch.
  • This process will particularly fix the issue of no pictures if there was particularly an issue.
  • Try changing the inputs once again.

Make Sure You Power Cycle the TV

Power cycling is one of the most powerful tools a troubleshooter uses because of the amount of technology used. Restarting your Vizio TV takes less than a minute. Below are the basic steps used to power cycle your TV.

  • Turn your Vizio TV off
  • Unplug your power cable from the wall
  • Wait for 10 seconds before plugging in your TV back
  • Turn your Vizio TV on

If the issue keeps recurring again and again, consider repeating the process over and over again to get your pictures back.

Replace the Main Board

If the previous steps fail to work, then it is practically said that the issue might be deep-rooted. When this happens, the main suspect might be the main board. Inspecting yourself will require advanced skills and knowledge in handling high voltage circuits.

You can, at this point, contact the Vizio team and frankly tell them what you have found.

Contact Vizio Technical Support Team

If you have questions on either of the above steps, you can always call the Vizio technical support team to have a proper directive. The team will be able to guide you through what you need to know and help you in having the final solution for your Vizio TV.

You can also contact them if you need any part of your TV replaced. They have equipment that is readily available for every customer. The items will help your Vizio TV to have all the weary cables and boards replaced.


A Vizio TV with sound and no picture can be very frustrating to have and watch. The problem can result from faulty cables, unsteady weather, or even an old main board. Once the problem is identified, you can automatically know what step to take as provided in the list above.

The Vizio technical support team is available at any time for any of your requested questions or guidance. 

Vizio Tv Sound But No Picture-Know More

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