Western Union Refund Policy

Western Union is the biggest payment processing business in the world. It allows you to send and receive money domestically and internationally from the Western Union network’s 200 countries and 500,000 locations. In 2018, the company reported moving more than $300 billion in principal and completing over 800 million money transfers for its customers and business clients around the world. Lets know more about Western Union and its Refund Policy.

     Western Union Refund

Western Union Cash Order

A Western Union cash order is an option for cashable and deposit-able checks. These cashier’s checks are particularly useful for those who do not have access to a bank account. 

If you do need a return, submit it to us via email or fax.

If you can generate your money order or proof of having received it, this same company will refund the amount in certain circumstances.

For a range of factors, refunds are given.

You can get a refund if you’re not using or gotten a Western Union money order, or if it’s been misplaced, destroyed, or seized. If the money order is not used, users will receive a refund. 

You have to provide documents such as invoices to prove that you own the money order for that you are requesting a refund when you submit your request.

Make a Request with Your Receipt

Fill out all the bank transfer tracing-refund applications on the backside of the money order receipt or the payment orders client application form on Western Union’s website to claim a refund.

Name, address, money order number, purchase date, amount, payee name, purchase location, and reason for the request are all required fields on the forms. 

Complete out now and submit a few of these forms, along with the $15 fee as well as the payment orders receipt.

The company typically takes 30 days to process this type of request, but if users do not provide the receipt, this could take longer.

Requests that haven’t received a response

If your money order or invoice has been dropped or robbed and you might not have a receipt, then you have to fill out the Money Order Research Application form. 

This form can be accessed from the Western Union website. 

The following information is needed: contact, location, money, transaction place and date, and payer name. And also include the number of extra money orders you bought around the same time. 

Include $30 for processing and any report that confirms possession, such as the shop invoice or duplicates of the other money orders you bought, if applicable, when you send the form. 

There is no guarantee of a return, and the waiting period is six to eight weeks. You must get this form signed and stamped before sending it.

Refund Policies at Western Union 

Except if the money has indeed been scooped up or deposited at the time Western Union gets your written request, transfers can be canceled for a cash refund as per Western Union’s Terms of Service according to relevant legislation.

The additional data should also be provided to users:

  • If funds are not accessible within the given timeframe for specific services, the company may impose a transfer fee refund. 
  • If the recipient rejects your funds, Western Union may charge a fee to pay back the transfer amount to you.
  • Western Union may refund you via money transfer, credit/debit card, or bank account that you have used to make the payment.
  • You can also demand a check for the refund amount.

Policy on Refunds for International Money Transfers

Only if the cash has already been gathered or deposited, as required by law, can international transactions be canceled for a full refund of the transfer amount (together with the payment fees) after 30 minutes of paying the complete amount.

In some situations, you may be eligible for a full refund if you can show that you managed to make an unintended error.

Have you been tricked by a Western Union Money Order Scam?

If you’ve sent money and it hasn’t been received, you can cancel the transaction and get a complete refund, along with the transaction fee. 

Call the fraud hotline as soon as possible to stop the transaction. 

If you suspect fraud after the money has been collected by the receiver, Western Union recommends filing a formal damage claim with them and notifying everything to the authorities. 

Western Union will investigate all cases to see if a refund is possible. 

The company works hard to identify fraudulent transactions and protect them from passing through its systems, but scammers’ tactics change all the time, making it difficult to eliminate them. 

That’s why users should always be vigilant on how to spot a fraud attempt.


You can also ask for the money back if the cash order is still not cashed yet. Send it to Western Union coampny , accompanied with a notarized statement confirming that you are the intended payee. You can also email the papers to their office or email them to RMO@westernunion.com as of this publication. 

As of this publication, you can also fax the documents to 1-720-864-0477 or email them to RMO@westernunion.com.

  1. Who was allowed to file a claim?

People who wired money to fraudsters via Western Union between January 1, 2004, and January 19, 2017, but have yet to register a claim, are considered.

  1. I believe I am due a complete refund. Is a copy of my Western Union receipt feasible to obtain?

You can get a receipt through email by following these procedures, as per the Western Union website: 

  • Visit the Western Union Email Help Center for assistance with your Western Union email.
  • To get help with your Western Union email, go to the Western Union Email Help Center.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Copy of Payment Processing Receipt.
  • Fill out the form and hit “Submit.”

3. In the Western Union case, who is the claims administrator?

Gilardi & Co.LCC is in charge of the claims and reimbursements process in this instance. The administrator can be reached at info@WesternUnionRemissionPhase2.com. 

Western Union Refund Policy

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