The first wheelchair was in the year 1595 made for Philip ll of Spain. It is worthwhile to know that the first self-propelled wheelchair was made in 1655 by a 22-year-old paraplegic clock maker who broke his back as a child. Wheelchairs are categorized or named according to their functions, as technology is improving so is new models and designs are produced to meet a particular purpose. When walking is difficult or impossible due to illness, accident, disability, and old age wheelchair is needed. The cost of wheelchairs differs depending on the function, time range of use, and the rental brand you choose. Different models of wheelchairs, different users, the most common type is the manual wheelchair. Let us know more about “wheelchair rental and their types”.


The prices of renting a standard wheelchair in Las Vegas, Washington DC, Orlando, and New York is shown in the table below:

  • Wheelchair type Location Rental duration Price
  • Standard Las Vegas 1 day $15
  • Standard Las Vegas 3 days $45
  • Standard Las Vegas 7 days $55
  • Standard Las Vegas 14 days $80
  • Standard Washington DC 1 day $27
  • Standard Washington DC 3 days $80
  • Standard Washington DC 7 days $115
  • Standard Washington DC 14 days $165
  • Standard Orlando 1day $13
  • Standard Orlando 3 days $40
  • Standard Orlando 7 days $60
  • Standard Orlando 14 days $95
  • Standard New York 1 day $30
  • Standard New York 3 days $85
  • Standard New York 7 days $105
  • Standard New York 14 days $210

Wheelchair Vendors

 Home medical supplies LLC
 Lenix medical supply services 1712 14th Street NW Suite 3-2 Washington DC 20009
 Las Vegas Mobility Scooter rentals 702-506-3159
 Big Apple mobility 241 West 37 St. NYC

Factors to consider before renting a wheelchair

  1. The brand:– The health insurance officer can recommend a brand to you, vendors differ from each other, and their agreement varies, location of the rental company and the destination of the wheelchair.
  2. Time range of use:– This depends on the time of use, whether it will be for a long or short time. Time range will require an agreement based on the selection, contract, and cost. Short-time rental is usually more expensive than a long-time rental.
  3. Nature of illness or disability:- This could be a result of illness or medical condition, accident either domestic or outdoor, disability from birth, and old age.
  4. Type of wheelchair needed:– There are many wheelchairs, most times named according to the function it performs.

Categories of wheelchair

Standard wheelchair:– This is a self-propelled type of that has a bigger wheel at the back and a smaller wheel at the front, this helps to maneuver your way around. It also comes with a push handle that helps the occupant to move the wheelchair. This kind has been upgraded over time and examples of the upgraded version are the lightweight and ultra-lightweight manual wheelchairs.

Sports wheelchair:– This type is made for sports purposes. The wheels are designed differently from those of a conventional self-propelled chair. Their back wheels are typically slanted to improve stability, while the front wheels are smaller than standard wheels to increase agility.

Pediatric wheelchair:– This kind is basically for children who have suffered from an accident such as head injury, spinal cord injury, or medical conditions such as Muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy.

Transport wheelchair:– This kind needs an attendant to propel it from one place to another. It usually has a small wheel, and the occupant cannot maneuver it therefore, the caregiver of the patient, must always be available.

All-terrain wheelchair:– This is designed in such a way to conquer obstacles, and off-road challenges, it also has balloon tires that make it the favorite for outdoor activities.

Beach wheelchair:– This kind in such a way that it helps people with disability to move on the beach sand, they have large wheels that make navigation much easier on the sand, and are usually pushed.


Renting a wheelchair can be more expensive than buying it, sometimes the cost of renting a wheelchair is higher than the price so why not buy it to save cost. There are situations whereby the medical condition of the patient may change over time thereby having to use a different kind of wheelchair, it is then better to rent a one than to buy one.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Which wheelchair is the most expensive to rent?

The power wheelchair is the most expensive for rent, for example, at big Apple mobility 1 day is $145, 2 days is $185, 3 days is $215, 4 days is $245, 5 days is $275, 6 days is $305, an additional day is $30, 1 month is $499

  • What is cerebral palsy?

This is an abnormal brain development that occurs during the pregnancy period due to a lack of blood or enough oxygen supply. It is also called periventricular leukomalacia.

  • Is renting wheelchairs much better than buying?

If a patient will require a wheelchair for the space of 6 months to years it’s more advisable to buy because renting for that long period, even at a discounted rate will be too expensive to buy.


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