Where Can I Get Cashback With Apple Pay?-Know More

Earning cash back on a purchase is something that makes most customers happy. However, For Apple Pay users, the most common question could be, where can they get the Apple Pay Cashback reward? 

Where Can I Get Cashback With Apple Pay?

Most retailers and online shops (like Amazon, DoorDash, Exxon, and Walgreens) accept Apple Pay, making the payment process more convenient than searching pockets for the right credit card to pay. You can quickly pay directly from your Apple Pay using your iPhone or watch. And you can earn 1 to 3% Daily Cashback using Apple Pay on every purchase. You are going to discover more ways as you move on. 

 Where you can get Apple Pay Cashback;

• Using Apple Card on Apple Pay

• Using Wells Fargo Active Cash Card with Apple Pay

• U.S Bank Altitude Reserve Credit card with Apple Pay

• Great Offers from Credit Card Issuers

• Limited Apple Pay promotion offers.

• Other Physical Credit Cards to get Apple Pay Cashback reward

Using Apple Card with Apple Pay

Most money-back credit cards have limitations on how you may redeem your Cashback reward. With an Apple card, you can withdraw your cashback earnings into your bank account without much stretch on with It’s Pay.   Amazing Apple!! On making its cashback program a simple earning process.

For instance;

At this moment, when you make a transaction using It’s card on Apple Pay, you can get 3% cashback on all of your Apple deals. Plus 2% profits on trades from select partners. 1% discount on other remaining purchases.

Similarly, Apple gives 3% cashback on transactions when you use it’s Card with It’s Pay for Uber, Uber-Eats, T-Mobile, Walgreens, Nike, Panera Bread, Exxon, Duane Reade, Mobil, and a few others.

Using Wells Fargo Active Cash Card with Apple Pay

The Wells Fargo Active Cash card also gives a 2% cashback prize on each trade with Apple pay. Another way to get money back on all Apple Pay purchases. 

For example;

Assuming you use $2000 in the first three months using the Wells Fargo Active Cash card on Apple Pay, you can get $400 cashback. Besides, the early 0% APR on exchanges and debt (15 months).

Moreover, Visa Signature and phone insurance are involved. No expenses are using Wells Fargo Active Cash card offering more value on Apple Pay deals.

US Bank Altitude Reserve Credit card with Apple Pay

US Bank Altitude Reserve Credit card with Apple Pay from USA banks offers valid points on each trade. What’s more, utilizing these cards, you can earn cashback rewards.

How? If you use USA Bank Altitude Reserve Mastercard to pay for transport expenses on Apple Pay. You can earn 3 points at the rate of 1.5 cents each. Hence, you earn 4.5 cents on each dollar spent at this rate.

Similarly, the Costco Anywhere Visa Card. Costco uses Apple Pay at one of its payment checkouts. Then make Costco cards more beneficial to its users. USA Bank Altitude reserve card transport rewards are more valuable than Costco Anywhere Visa Card while using Apple Pay. 

Great Offers from Credit Card Issuers

Many stores have begun to add Apple Pay mobile payment to their checkouts. The possibility of you getting cashback rewards may rise. You need to activate your account to get these rewards. Then you have to watch out for limited promotional offers.

For instance, You get five percent cash back from Chase Freedom Flex on every transaction made with Apple Pay. And sometimes, Amex Gives Platform – American Express offer bonus points  for every Apple Pay transaction. Recently, American express customers got a compensations of $2 from each $5 – $10 spent using Apple Pay.

Limited Apple Pay promotion offer

Sign up for the Apple newsletter to get updates on any recent promotional offers. Some stores (such as 1-800-Flowers, Outdoor Voices, and Bj’s) may give promotional offers. You can occasionally save money from this Cashback reward on these promotional offers.

Other Physical Credit Cards to get Apple Pay Cashback reward

Other cards to get cashback includes the American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card, Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card (which may be 1.5% cashback on Apple Pay for all trade in the first three months), and many others.


Apple Pay made an impact in the financial service industry. Besides, some stores accept Apple Pay as a payment method. Therefore an increased chance of more cashback offers. Plus, other ways already mentioned are available to get Cashback rewards using Apple Pay.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Walgreens offer cashback rewards on purchases using Apple Pay?

Yes, Walgreens accepts Apple pay plus a 3% cashback reward using an Apple card to make a purchase.

Can I possibly shop on Amazon using Apple Pay?

Yes, Amazon accepts Apple pay. However, connect your credit or debit card to your Apple Pay wallet.

Does DoorDash accept Apple Pay?

Yes, you can purchase in the DoorDash store using Apple pay

Where Can I Get Cashback With Apple Pay?-Know More

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