Best Education Apps Every Student Should Have -Know More

Apps make our life easier and for a student, better and smarter. In this era of a post-pandemic world, with a major shift in the pattern of learning and teaching, one can seek a little help from whichever smart app suits best. With different study patterns, criteria, and methods of learning, it’s only an add-on for students to have a few education apps. Let us know about ‘Best Education Apps Every Student Should Have’.

Best Education Apps Every Student Should Have

Best Education Apps Every Student Should Have

Most students in current times have a smartphone, computer, laptop, or tablet. While these devices make our life easier, there are a few educational apps that make way for a more comfortable learning experience like- Coursera, Grammarly, Microsoft Office Lens, Oxford Dictionary, SimpleMind, Google Drive, Evernote, RefME, Mathway, and Forest.

 Let’s Jump Over To The List Of These Listed Best Education Apps:


The ‘King of Courses’, Coursera makes every student’s life easier and their learning and CV more proficient. With an online mode of education and a list of courses of varying interests, Coursera provides free courses from universities around the world. It is a must for those who want to gain some knowledge about a course/topic in a short time but from a reputed university and under a professional.

They also do provide certificates at a certain charge.


The ‘Grammar Master’ Grammarly is the way to go for all students. From perfectionists to the ones lagging on their grades, it highlights errors in your work and helps you make it as flawless as possible. One can subscribe to Grammarly or even use it for free with limited features. A Grammarly subscription provides advanced features for further improving one’s work with various writing styles and further suggestions.

Grammarly also offers a free 30-day trial for those who wish to go in advance.

Microsoft Office Lens:

With accessibility to any document, blackboards, whiteboards, images, or journals, Office Lens converts them all into a text document that can be edited and shared as required. 

It often comes in handy during fast lectures where one’s not able to take down notes.

The app specializes in giving error-free text without any shadows or glares and is very easy to use.

Oxford Dictionary:

Our school savior turned into an app, Oxford dictionary continues to save us from carrying heavy books and dictionaries around and allows us to dive into the meaning of any word easily. Its mobile app version comprises over 300,000 words, and phrases with more than 75,000 pronunciations available.

One smart feature of the app is it puts one word with a meaning, every day in your notifications, helping you learn daily.


SimpleMind is a simple app for iOS/Android users to organize their notes, and thoughts to never miss any of the important tasks and tips of the day.

Google Drive:

The best storage app, Drive allows one to store as many documents as deemed necessary at any time. It removes any chances of you losing data and keeps your files safe and always ready to go. Drive can store PDFs, Word documents, videos, images, and other files with up to 15GB storage limit.


The ‘Note-organizer’, Evernote helps one take down their notes and organize them through labels, edits, and highlights. One can also connect their Evernote app to Google to never let their notes get lost and always have access to them.


As the app mentions ‘Ref’, which means referencing, a task dreaded by all the students. RefMe makes it easier for us all by finding and citing resources- articles, journals, etc., on our behalf. It auto generates all citations, bibliography, footnotes, and reference lists according to our selection and convenience. The RefME app also provides research material and papers for students.


‘The Hour-Glass’ of the educational apps, Forest allows students to manage their time by a creative way of planting a tree on the app anytime you start studying and it will keep growing. If you touch your phone, the tree dies. Isn’t this an interesting way to study for us all?

Please take care of the tree.


For all the Math enthusiasts, Mathway helps them solve their problems and teaches them methods and tips as to how to solve them. It provides step-by-step guidance for every question.


Now we have learnt “Best Education Apps Every Student Should Have”, The listed apps are all easy-to-use and download on any device and iOS, and Android versions. Select your favorite apps and make your life easier!


Does the Forest app plant trees?

-Interestingly? Yes! The app company plants trees based on the number of downloads and app usage. It’s a victory for all!

Does Mathway provide extra assistance with a question?

-Yes! Mathway has a 24/7 virtual tutor-like explanation section where you can dive deep into every step for better learning.

What citation styles does RefME offer?

-RefMe has APA, Harvard, Chicago, Mla, RSC, and more types of citations available for any time of citation usage.

Best Education Apps Every Student Should Have -Know More

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