Transmission Cooling Line Cost – Know More

Transmission cooling line is a very important part for every mobile thing; car, vehicle, van and so on, and this transmission cooling line when they broke down or need to be replaced there is a cost for sure for it, in this article we will answer this question; what is the transmission cooling line cost. 

Transmission Cooling Line Cost 

What is Transmission cooling line cost 

Cost of replacement transmission cooling line in average for every car pair of transmission cooling line is almost 300$,it can be more cheaper also, and we can determine the specific cost by this examples:[1] 

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1. If your car is a jeep wrangler 2013, it will need 1-2 hours to replace the transmission cooling line with a cost around 300$, a 170$ of it for the line parts cost, and the rest of total money cost for assembly fees. 

2. If your car is a Nissan Odyssey 2005, the time needed for all replacement is 2-8 hours, for a cost of 500$ for all replacement, assembly and labor fees, on the other hand; if the car is Nissan xterra 2011, the whole cost is 250$, and if there is no extra transmission cooling the cost will be just 125$. 

Determined the transmission cooling line cost and reasons 

After understanding the above examples, you know now that the cost of transmission cooling line depends on cost of:[1] 

● Factory parts. 

● Replacement fees. 

● Assembly fees. 

● Labor fees. 

● Time needed. 

Cars need to replace their transmission cooling line almost because of leaking happened on it, but there is a number of another reasons like 

● Hose damage because it’s too old or becomhard. 

● Leakages. 

● Degrade of main hoses or lines. 

● Lines crimping. 

● Low transmission cooling line fluids mean there are leakages. 

● Transmission sound noises. 

● Weak transmission response because of low fluid level. 

● Burning smell is because of the very high temperature of the transmission. 

Choosing transmission cooling line and the shape of it 

Processing of Choosing transmission cooling line depends on many factors like:

● Weight of vehicle. 

● Weight of maximum cargo. 

● Is there a trailer for the vehicle and the weight of it? 

● What type of road vehicle gose?

Determine the perfect type and shape of transmission cooling line with the average total vehicle weight is a very important step to maintain the transmission cooling line for the longest time, and save the cost of frequent replacement.

Transmission cooling line usually came in very fine square shape, that can be stuck to any part of the car, the mechanical engineer assembly it near to radiator, with holding the hoses of it a part from any hot or moving other parts like fan.

How does transmission cooling line replacement done 

When mechanical engineer start to replace transmission cooling line, he don’t need to drain the fluid from it, it’s just drain from itself when all the parts became a part, and the signal to start assembly new transmission cooling line part its when there is no fluid come from old lines, then after assembly new one, the mechanical need to fill the transmission cooling line with fluid again to see if there is any leakage on it, but you have to keep in you mind that the time needed to make the replacement depends on how the leakage in lines is, and where it is.

Benefits, time, cost and examples of the transmission cooling line replacement 

Replacement of the transmission cooling line protect the vehicle from any damages happened from the leakage of transmission cooling line fluid, because if there is leakage from the cooling line it mean stopping the car from working randomly and maybe the damage be more critical like lose of transmission it self, this vital part is too expensive.[4] If there is a few drops under the car from some fluid, you need to clean transmission cooling line then scan with your eyes to determine the location of leakage, if it from the transmission cooling line, you have to replace it immediately.

You can save your money for the transmission cooling line replacement by repair it by you self, if the damage is minor and there is no danger to do it for you and the car, plus you can compare between labor fees from one mechanic to another.

There is some actual examples of some car types for transmission cooling line replacement cost, all of it in the below table:

Car model Total cost $
Ford Fusion 155-192
Honda Civic 53-99
Honda Accord 62-95
Honda CR-V 92-110
Nissan Altima 127-158
Toyota Corolla 79-206
Toyota Camry 73-286
Ford Focus 82-218
Chevrolet Silverado 155-192
Ford F-Series 155-192

Transmission cooling lines need to be frequently maintained, it’s important to protect the transmission of the car because it’s a vital component in every vehicle, and also to save money because even if the replacement takes so long, exactly 1-2 days; it’s a very important step to protect your car from expensive fixes, and you have to keep in mind that is the cost range will be around 300$, buts it will be vary from a car to other, and from model to other model. 


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Transmission Cooling Line Cost – Know More

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