Avast Exceptions Not Working

As cybercrimes are rising recently, it has become necessary for even normal users to own antivirus software like Avast. Avast is a huge antivirus company with nearly 400 million users on platforms like PC, Mac and Android. It protects the user from viruses, malware, or surfing the internet safely. Avast also provides VPN, which can hide your searches from your internet service provider and MITM(man in the middle) attacks. let’s find out why Avast Exceptions is Not Working.

Avast Exceptions Not Working

It can be a big problem and frustration if your vast exceptions are not working. Just imagine that any website you might be visiting or files you might be downloading could be restricted or blocked by Avast antivirus. Why is Avast Exceptions Not Working? so in this article, I will guide you on how to add things to your exclusion list or exception list so you can freely browse the internet.

Why Can’t I Add Exceptions On Avast antivirus?

Multiple reasons can cause this issue of being unable to add the exceptions to your list in the program.

There are some common reasons:

  • Avast’s current version is not updated
  • Avast programs might be overloaded
  • You can’t add some specific files.

Avast Not Updated

This is one of the most common reasons because many people don’t see that avast is not updated or outdated, and sometimes antivirus software has bugs that they might have fixed in the new version. However, it happens many times, so you should update it. And this software must be updated frequently as new viruses, malware, and ransomware appear every other day and these antiviruses, most of the time, don’t self-update.

A self-updated version of Avast can restrict you from adding exceptions, and you can also face some new problems in future.

Overloaded Avast Program

It is remarkable that so much software works on the background of our computer so you can’t see the program activity usually.

It is possible that avast is not working as expected because some other background processes are running that are physically open.

Unsupported File Added To Exceptions

It is possible that the file that you are trying to add to exceptions is not currently supported by avast. It can be in future updates because some files aren’t compatible with the avast antivirus.

So this was all. These are the most common issues avast users face while setting their files in the exception tab.

Problems Like This Can Be Solved And Some Ways To Solve Them Are:

#1 You should check if your software is updated

This should be the first thing you should check to know what version you are running currently.

To do this, follow these steps:

Select the option of an avast app on the bottom right corner of your taskbar.

  • Now go to Update->Engine and Virus definitions.
  • Now in this tab, select Check for update.
  • Now It will update itself if it isn’t the latest version.

It is also recommended to restart your laptop/pc.

#2 Restarting avast services 

So now you have to restart the avast service completely running in your system

Follow the steps provided:

  • Open the component menu by searching from the Start menu in windows.
  • Now select local services after opening.
  • Now you must search for an avast antivirus service
  • Restart service directly by clicking right and selecting the option

#3 Drain your laptop

Your laptop might be facing a standard problem that requires a restart or a battery drain, so we are going to follow these steps:

(For Laptop)

  • Turn your computer off and remove the battery if it is removable.
  • Now, After removing it, push the power button for a minute.

(For PC)

  • Shut down your PC for some time, remove the main power plug, and start the system again.

Avast Is Still Not Working, How To Fix It?

why is Avast exceptions still not working? If these steps don’t solve the issues you are having, you should uninstall and reinstall this avast software. You can use the programs and applications removal tool in your control panel or the avast uninstall kit. Now you need to wait for some time, and when the software reinstalls, you should restart your PC/Laptop again.


So if you are facing any problem related to the exception setting tool in avast antivirus, you should follow this article, and it will probably be fixed.

You can also contact the support team of the avast antivirus, but that could take time, so it is recommended you try to solve the issue on your own using this article.


Q) Is battery drain harmful to your laptops?

No, but you shouldn’t do it often. It should only be done very rarely.

Q) What are exceptions in avast antivirus?

Sometimes antiviruses give some false alarms or quarantine a file of the user, which can sometimes be problematic for users, so there is an option in avast where you can make some files exceptions from scanning or detecting viruses.

Q) Would these steps work on my laptop?

Yes, they will work on both PC and Laptop.

Avast Exceptions Not Working

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