Cheapest Xbox One Console- Know More About It

Since the inception of the Xbox Brand in 2001, Microsoft has been consistently pumping out High-Quality Hardware for the ever-growing Gaming Community to enjoy. The system has become more than just that, but is a Global Icon. Now dear reader, let us embark upon this journey and find the Xbox Console that is right for you as well as your Wallet. Let us know ‘Cheapest Xbox One Console’.

Cheapest Xbox One Console

Cheapest Xbox One Console

With the recent discontinuation of the base model, the Xbox One S is Hands Down the best choice for the Gamer without money to burn! All these years later and it is still a powerful sexy beast of a Machine for a Bargain Price! Averaging around R4000 or $262 for those in the US & in 2022 is Far from Outdated. 

The Console Specifications (Provided by The Digital Foundry):

  • 1.75 GHz Custom 8-core x86 AMD Jaguar Processor 
  • AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next engine (914 MHz)
  • 8 GB of DDR3 RAM + 32 MB eSRAM Memory
  • 8 GB On-Board Flash Storage
  • HDR10
  • Models come with either 500 GB, 1 TB, or 2TB Internal Storage depending on varying prices
  • 4K UHD Max Resolution @ 60Hz
  • 120W Internal power supply

The Consoles Capabilities & Features:

  • 4K Upscaling of a games Resolution
  • Supports up to 8 Wireless Controllers
  • 3 USB ports that can support Wired Controllers as well as external storage drives
  • 40% Smaller than the Base Model Xbox One
  • Models Available with and Without a Disc Drive
  • Optional Vertical Stand

Why Choose The Xbox One S?

As a life-long Gamer on a Budget, there are two important lessons I have learned in the search for a good reliable Console. The first is do not ever buy second-hand items, it will always be better to save up and buy a console fresh out of the box from your nearest reputable retailer, if not all you’ll be left with is regret. The second lesson is that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, but in the case of the Xbox One S, I have never been so glad to be so wrong.  After rigorous research before acquiring and a few years of hands-on experience with my own personal Xbox One S, it is the premier console I can recommend to any and all Gamers who are not yet ready to make the leap to the newest generation of consoles given their unreasonable scarcity and expectedly high prices.  This machine is really the Floyd Mayweather of consoles when you think about it… powerful, durable, and small.

What is the Versatility of the Xbox One S?

Gaming is the largest most profitable market in the world right now, constantly out-grossing both the film and music industry combined, but by owning the Xbox One S, you become the master of all. With the Xbox One S, you will have no need to go out and spend your hard-earned cash on an expensive Blu-Ray player or a satellite decoder, because I have good news for you, my friend. The model of the console which comes with a disk drive is capable of playing 4K UHD Blu-Ray as well as being able to connect to various TV Broadcast stations as well as various streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, UFCTV, Hulu, and HBOMAX, and if you want to be a bit more conservative with your money, this beautiful device offers a built-in YouTube app as well as Microsoft Edge to suit your needs. Oh and I almost forgot, with all the hype around 4K technology, it dawns on me that not everyone may own a 4K TV, don’t fret as the console smartly detects your televisions output capability, downloading the game file to run on 1080p instead of 4K, saving precious hard-drive space. 

What are the Disadvantages of the Xbox One S?

I like to be as objective as possible and give you dear reader as honest a take as possible, and to do that I can’t in good conscience leave you in the dark about any possible flaws a product might have. I know that I would appreciate the same thoughtful respect if I were the reader. I am grateful to say that the only con I can think about in regards to the Xbox One S is that it can get quite loud, still quieter than the quietest PS4, and nothing that a nice comfortable pair of Gaming Headphones won’t fix.


Now we have learnt ‘Cheapest Xbox One Console’, After owning the machine for a few years, I can safely say that Xbox One S has given my family and me countless hours of entertainment and valuable precious memories together. An all in 1 home entertainment system for a fraction of the price of the current-gen consoles, with a barely noticeable difference in performance quality. You simply can’t go wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I need an internet connection to use this product?  

Well, it’s both a yes and a no. Initially, you need to connect to the internet to download the latest software updates to set up your profile. After that, the device can be used Offline for games and media

  • What is the warranty for this product?

Microsoft offers a 12-month warranty for the Xbox One S

  • Will my progress carry over if I wish to upgrade?

Yes! If you decide to opt for the newer Xbox Series consoles in the future, all you have to do is pair your current account with the device, and Boom all your progress and purchases are still there.

Cheapest Xbox One Console- Know More About It

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