What is Express Shipping?

Express shipping is one of the many ways packages are sent to consumers, but it is not cheap. This way of sending packages is done through airplanes, which is why it is not cheap, and it also delivers packages within 24-72 hours. 

What is Express Shipping?

Types of Express Shipping

  1. Same-Day Delivery: This is the fastest way to ship an item, merchants looking for customer satisfaction should consider this particular one because customers would be happy receiving their packages the same day, they requested shipping services. The customer will receive their items within a few mere hours.
  1. Overnight Shipping: This is slightly more affordable than Same-Day delivery, this is excellent for customers who want their items immediately. Overnight shipping gives customers a guarantee that they will receive their items the next business day.
  1. 2-Day Air: This is an excellent way of shipping, if you want faster shipping that’s at an affordable rate, this is the one to make use of. And the best part for customers is that they get refunded their money if they don’t receive their packages in the delivery time frame of 1-2 business days.
  1. 3-Day Air: This provides a faster delivery at an affordable rate, just like 2-Day Air, but this one is done within three business days.

Advantages of Express Shipping

  1. Customer Experience: A lot of people expect their packages to arrive really quickly, which makes them want to use Express Shipping for its effectiveness and efficiency. 
  2. Reduces Risk of Damaged Goods: Express Shipping usually reward customers with a guarantee that their items are safe and damage-free. When looking to ship a package, customers think of risk, so they consider the fact that the longer the delivery time, the higher the risk of damage to their items, especially sensitive items. 
  3. Retain Customers: This means if customers see how fast shipping is, they want to always come back to using the services, which can secure their loyalty to the services.
  4. Guaranteed Delivery Time: Major couriers reward customers with guaranteed delivery offers, this way, you can get a refund for late delivery.


  1. Expensive: Even though Express Shipping is the fastest way to deliver packages, it is quite expensive. Customers have to pay more for their packages to arrive quickly. 

Couriers that Offer Express Shipping

1. USPS:

They handle 173.1 million pieces of First-Class mail every day, which makes it a popular favorite among customers.

They do shipment services globally. For domestic express shipments:

  1. Priority Mail Express
  2. Priority Mail
  3. First-Class Mail
  4. First-Class Package Service

For international shipments:

  1. Global Express Guaranteed
  2. Priority Mail Express International

2. UPS Express Shipping Services:

They have a global record of meeting customer satisfaction in 2020 when they delivered 21.1 million packages per day, which has put it on a high sovereign for customers who want a reliable and fast shipping service.

UPS offers domestic and international shipments as well; for domestic shipment services:

  1. UPS Next Day Air Early
  2. UPS Next Day Air
  3. UPS Next Day Saver
  4. UPS 2nd Day Air

For international shipment services:

  1. UPS Worldwide Express Plus
  2. UPS Worldwide Express
  3. UPS Saver
  4. UPS Worldwide Express Expedited

3. FedEx Express Shipping Services:

This is another popular express shipping service that customers have deemed reliable and fast, depending on their location, that is. They also have shipment services globally. For domestic shipment services:

  1. FedEx First Overnight
  2. FedEx Priority Overnight
  3. FedEx Standard Overnight
  4. FedEx 2-Day A.M
  5. FedEx 2-Day
  6. FedEx Express Saver

For their international shipment services:

  1. FedEx International First
  2. FedEx International Priority

4. DHL Express Shipping Services:

This shipping service delivers 1.6 billion packages every year and ships to over 220+ countries across the globe. Domestic shipment services include:

  1. DHL Same Day
  2. DHL Express 9.00, 10.30, 12.00

International shipment service:

  1. DHL Express Worldwide

Express shipping is the very best way to secure your items, it will make sure every package is delivered on time and all items are damage free. It is expensive, but it is the best and safer option for customers across the globe. If you want to get cheaper rates for express shipping, you can check out the websites and price range for the already mentioned courier services and shipment services, and choose the one that is best for you.


Q1: What is the starting price for USPS shipments?

A1: For domestic shipments, you can set your range of prices from $0.55-$26.36 depending on the weight of the items and also depending on which shipment you choose. For international shipments, the price ranges from $45.95-$67.80 depending on your location, the weight of your item, and the shipping service you choose.

Q2: Would there be insurance for lost items?

A2: Yes, there would. You just have to read each courier service’s terms and conditions.

Q3: Are there any cons to using Express Shipping Services?

A3: Not according to the research, Express Shipping is considered the best, but if you have your doubt, you can do some personal research and find out which of their services is more suitable and reliable for you.

What is Express Shipping?

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