How To Save Money On Comcast, Xfinity Tv, and Internet?

The internet is a social world of its own and you may get lost strolling through the various streets in its ally until you get hit with a bill for staying too long. Sometimes, we’re dumbfounded when we stare at our internet bill because it gets a little over the roof in a twinkle. To continue enjoying streaming services and other internet benefits, you may have to consider cutting down on your cost and saving more money. Let’s now know How To Save Money On Comcast, Xfinity Tv, and Internet?

How To Save Money On Comcast, Xfinity Tv, and Internet?

If your Comcast bill gets overly expensive than you can handle, there are several methods to try on cutting down on the prices. On one hand, your bill may be increased by mistake and you will need to contact a service representative to negotiate your bill. 

On the other hand, the bill grows due to an increase in service charge or jumping over your data limit. Whatever the case may be, in this article we will discuss every possible trick to lower your Comcast Xfinity TV and internet bill — so you can save money. 

How To Save Money On Comcast Xfinity Tv and Internet

Filter the channels:

It may be time to review your subscription if your Xfinity TV package shows hundreds of channels but you never even skip over them when you channel-hop. This procedure doesn’t mean you should entirely cut off your cord or abandon your cable TV. To help save more money, it is only advisable that you review your subscription and opt for a cheaper package plan that allows you to save money and still watch the few channels you are fond of. You can review the Xfinity TV plan enlisted below. 

  • Digital Premier — $84.99/mo. for the first 12 months with no contract — up to 250+ channels.
  • Digital Preferred — $69.99/mo. for the first 12 months with no contract — up to 220+ channels.
  • Digital Starter — $59.99/mo. for the first 12 months with no contract — up to 140+ channels.
  • Choice Limited — $30/mo. with no contract — with 10+ channels. 

To change your plan, kindly contact customer representative service for assistance or visit their website. 

Get rid of the rental Items:

As a new user, Xfinity offers you a modern router for your internet including cable boxes for your Tv. These items are lent out for a monthly fee as low as $5. In no time, these rental fees can quickly add up and may even cost the same as owning your cable boxes and router. Although, before you purchase a modern, ascertain that it is compatible with your Xfinity service to be on the safe side. Usually, when accumulated, these rental dues may sum up to an annual fee of $60 minimum and a maximum of $168 if there’s no change in the service charge. 

Limit your Internet/Download Speed:

An unpopular fact is that the faster your internet connectivity, the more data you consume. It is everyone’s excitement to have internet as fast as a cheetah — especially when you download big files often. The sad news is the faster your internet speed, the higher your bill. In a bid to downsize our Internet subscription, it is crucial to reduce your internet speed to a reasonable par of about 25 to 100 Mbps, which is recommendable for a family internet plan. You may also consider reviewing your internet providers if you enjoy streaming. Some of the IPs provide reasonable and low-cost internet subscriptions. 

Negotiate your subscription with a customer care representative:

If your Xfinity bill continues to go up and is getting out of hand, it is recommended that you review the current Xfinity plans, downsize your channels, pay less and save more. On the other hand, should it be that you’ve researched and found a better TV and internet plan for a good price, you may call the Comcast representative via their call center to cancel your Tv or internet service. Now, the customer care representative would most likely try to persuade you, and here’s where you negotiate. As a user, you need to explain your reason for considering opting out, and mentioning switching to a competitive internet provider with a better price may do the trick for you. Nevertheless, be polite and clear when negotiating your subscription.

Reduce your Data Usage:

Without question, when you jump over your regular data usage, there’s always a penalty which is usually in the form of a higher bill. First, Xfinity sends you a warning mail when you cross the 1 Terabyte data cap. After three consecutive warnings, Xfinity would charge you an extra $10. If you are unable to limit your data usage, you may consider opting for an unlimited internet plan or even review a better data plan that can accommodate your internet activity. 


It is possible to downsize your Xfinity Tv and internet bill by simply negotiating and applying the aforementioned tricks. Sometimes, we tend to go overboard when browsing the internet or surfing multiple channels. You’re required to carefully plan your streaming and internet activity, filter the unnecessary channels and opt for a plan that you can handle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I negotiate my Xfinity Tv subscription?

A: Yes you can. Simply contact their customer care here

Q: Can I change my Xfinity internet plan?

A: Yes you can. 

How To Save Money On Comcast, Xfinity Tv, and Internet?

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