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Amazon is a company that focuses on e-commerce and digital marketing. They sell a series of products that you can purchase. Now, let’s get to know about Amazon Return Policy Warranty.

Amazon Return Policy Warranty

Amazon’s Return Policy

Amazon has a system of operation in place that allows for the return of products. This is often between a thirty-day window specified in their return policy.

It is important to note that not all goods or products can be returned. When you return products, they should still be in the condition in which you purchased them, and you should come with your receipt or any other proof that indicates you purchased the item.

Goods and products that can and cannot be returned to Amazon include the following: 

  • Amazon devices, i.e., all devices that are branded by Amazon. They include amazon’s fire devices, tablets etc. The return does not exceed thirty days after purchase. After the return, the item does not belong to you, and you have no right to it. It is now fully Amazon’s property. 
  • Grocery items: This category involves food that is still fresh e.g. Farm produce and other food items, that cannot be returned. This is because most of them are perishable. When you want to return it, it is possibly not fresh and not in the best condition anymore.
  • Amazon’s pharmacy: Amazon’s pharmacy does not accept the return of medical drugs or equipment. The only return that the pharmacy will accept is if there is an issue with the drug, which is not your fault but a result of an error made by the company. 
  • Amazon warehouse: It is easy to return boxes to warehouses. You can still return used or open items to the warehouse within thirty days. Take along your receipt as your proof of purchase.
  • Baby Clothing and items: Baby items have an exception when it comes to the return policy. The usual return policy states that any return should be within the first thirty days after purchasing the item. But with baby items,  you can return them in the space of ninety days as long as they are gotten from your birthday list.  Items also bought from a baby registry can be returned within a year after it is bought. This policy, however, does not apply to all items. For example, unused baby products such as a breast pump must be returned. It cannot be used again after usage. 
  • Clothing: You can return clothes to Amazon within thirty days by going along with a receipt or anything that shows you paid for it. Note that, returning clothing items comes with a fee that will be deducted from you. 
  • Electronics: You can easily return gadgets, devices, and equipment to Amazon. But to return these gadgets,

They must meet these conditions: 

a) It refuses to come on, i.e., it is not starting. b)You purchased it in bad condition, which you do not cause. Any damaged gadget or item caused by the customer that wants to be returned will require you to pay a certain amount.

c) You are yet to open the package and want to exchange it for a different gadget. The return must, however, be within 30 days. Go along with your receipt or anything else that shows that you purchased the item.

  • Customized items: Any customized product or item with your name engraved on it at any point is not likely to be accepted. As a result of the customization, it cannot be returned because it cannot be used or purchased by anyone else. The only condition where it will be accepted is if the item is damaged, not by you but by the company. For example, if there is also an error in the spelling of your name, it can be accepted and replaced.
  • Furniture: You do not need a particular reason to return furniture items. Just ensure that the return falls within thirty days after purchase. 
  •  Harmful items: Harmful items such as sprays that are highly flammable and similar ones cannot be returned to Amazon. 

Here is a list of other items that you can return to Amazon:

  • Jewellery
  • Luxury products
  • Appliances
  • TVs
  • Wedding items, and 
  • Video games. 

Amazon Return Policy Warranty has made it easy for anyone to shop from them. It assures that even if a product they get is not good, it can be returned. This article has cleared your doubts about Amazon Return Policy Warranty and how it works. It has also given you some clarity on the items that can be returned and those that cannot be returned to Amazon. 

Frequently asked questions 
  • Can I return items I get from Amazon? 

Yes, you can return items to Amazon. But the return has to be within thirty days after getting it. The return also depends on the item you want because not all items can be returned to Amazon. Furthermore, you must go with your receipt that shows you paid for the item. The probability of you returning an item is slim to none without the receipt. 

  • Do I have to return a product I purchased from amazon within thirty days? 

Not exactly; It is not all items that can be returned within the first thirty days. Returning a product to amazon depends on the product and the return policy. 

Amazon Return Policy Warranty -Know More

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