Can You Use Roku With hotspot?

The Roku, also known as the “Roku box”, is a small square device that provides a platform for one to watch movies, TV shows, and other video content through the internet. Roku helps you stream from your favorite streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Showmax, and many others. These apps log onto Roku devices for streamers to get easy access to quality video content. It is an easy way to escape the small screen of your smartphone and get an even better experience on the big screen (TV).  The Roku streaming device helps one to stay tuned to top stories trending around the world as it also provides different news channels. Let’s know Can You Use Roku With hotspot?

Can You Use Roku With hotspot?

Can you use Roku with hotspot?

Yes, you can use Roku with a hotspot. One would need only to have a router or an internet-sharing device. This article provides all the details below. 

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How to Use Roku with Hotspot 

Having to stream movies and TV shows would need you to have access to data, Roku has provided easy ways to connect your device to a working hotspot.

The following are the steps to take in connecting your Roku to a hotspot:

• Make sure you have a home’s Wi-Fi or router as a hotspot or you may choose the option of sharing internet access by use of the hotspot feature on your mobile smartphone as long as it has a service provider that allows data to access the internet  

• Once the hotspot feature has been turned on, press the home button on your Roku remote control.

• Go to settings and choose a network. Select the wireless option to put on your Wi-Fi connection.  

• After you have done that, wait for the Roku to find your hotspot network.

• Once it appears, select your network’s name and insert your network password.

• When you’ve done this, wait for your Roku to connect and verify your network.

Can I Use My Phone’s Hotspot for my Roku?

While it is possible to use your smartphone’s hotspot feature for data and/or internet sharing with your Roku, it is advisable to have a device essentially for that use. A router or Wi-Fi will serve this function efficiently without the disadvantage of fast battery life reduction, data limitations, and so on as is typical of smartphones. Using a router may be a more competent and efficient option.  

What Features does Roku Have?

This device comes with a lot of exciting features for the user. The Roku comes with a compatible and standard remote control that aids viewing, however, Roku has also provided a Roku mobile app remote. This serves all the functions of a regular remote control but this allows the user the ability to control the Roku device on their smartphone. This increases convenience and efficiency in a very innovative manner.  The mobile app can be a great substitute if one loses their Roku remote. 

However, should the Roku remote go missing, Roku provides a rather creatively functional feature that helps one to locate the remote controller. It also helps during times when you may have forgotten where exactly you had left it. The Roku voice remote pro is that feature that allows you to find your remote. The Roku voice remote pro uses voice recognition to aid in finding the remote. The user need only say out to the feature, “ hey Roku, where’s my remote?” and listen for the tone. This provides convenience for the user. 

Users will appreciate that the Roku device also comes with a unique background and themes that serve to beautify the screen of the device based on the user’s preference. The Roku streaming device also provides private listening in cases where it would be inconvenient for others and/or you to watch your shows on the device’s speaker. Roku provides a headphone jack that can easily connect to wired headphones or wireless ones.  

Are the Roku Devices Expensive?

The Roku device is quite affordable and has various models to suit your budget. Most of the devices are sold for less than 100 dollars which many may deem impressive. As of now, Roku has produced seven models; the Roku express, Roku express 4k, Roku express 4k+, Roku streaming stick 4k, Roku streaming stick 4k+, Roku ultra LT, and the Roku ultra. All of these models have amazing capabilities including multiple and different functions and designs. The Roku Express stands for $29.99, Roku Express 4k at $34.99, Roku Express 4k+ at $39.99, Roku streaming stick at $49.99, Roku streaming stick 4k+ at $69.99, Roku ultra LT at $79.00, and the Roku ultra which costs  $99.99.


The Roku brand has taken the streaming world by storm and keeps creating easy and quality viewing. The Roku can be easily connected to a hotspot to aid better viewing. 

As of now, The Roku streaming device stands as one of the top streaming devices. Since its inception more than a decade ago,  it has proven to have a success rate that is off the charts.

Can You Use Roku With hotspot?

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