Does your Fios remote not change channels?

Remotes are essential to our TV. It helps change the channel easily without having to go to the TV box when we are sitting far from the Tv and it also helps us decrease and increase the volume on the TV and turn off the TV with ease. Let us see does your Fios remote not change channels.

Does your Fios remote not change channels?

Does your Fios remote not change channels?

It may be the case that your Fios Remote does not change channels. Maybe your remote is not working at all. Here you’ll know the problems and the solutions to help you fix your remote. It is like fixing your remote for another problem your phone may have.  


1. Batteries Not Working: 

One reason could be that your batteries are not working. You can do anything to make your remote work, but if your batteries are dead or there is an issue with batteries, your remote will not function. So even after you have followed steps to fix your remote, the remote will not work if you have a dead battery.  

2. Remote Is Damaged: 

Your remote has some internal damage done. Because of the internal damage, there may be problems caused to other parts of the remote. This happens as a result of physical harm. Something must have occurred with the hardware of the remote.  

3. Remote Programing: 

It may be the case that your remote has not been programmed according to your TV set. There is something called IR signals. IR signals are used to transfer information. For example , changing the channel or the volume. So the remote needs to be programmed so it can send signals that are similar to the signals that are used to work with your television. Therefore, if your remote is not programmed correctly, your television will not be able to comprehend the commands that your remote has sent. 


Now that we have mentioned the cause, let us look into their solutions. So here are the solutions; 

1.Your batteries:

Now it was mentioned before that your batteries are the problem. They may be dead, or they have an issue with them. In both cases, you should replace them with new batteries. Do check the qualities of the battery when buying them. So you might be wondering how to figure out f the battery issue is your issue and how to confirm. Well, here is what you do. On your remote, press a button. After pressing the button, if you see that your LED will not flash, it is best that you replace your batteries. If you see that your LED has flashed five times, this tells you that you have low battery. So in either case, you should replace the older batteries with newer batteries. Before buying new batteries, you should also check if your batteries are sitting in the right way. Suppose there is still an issue after that, buy new batteries.  

2.Reprogram your remote and swap your remote:

You will need to reprogram your remote, if you have the programming issue. Now, since this article is in regards to the XR15, here is how to reprogram that specific remote. Now, on your XR15 remote there is a button with letter I and the Xfinity button. At the same time, you will press and hold the buttons. You will have a code shown, when you see that code, enter it and then you will get instructions on your screen and what to do further. Follow those instructions then. Then you have to pair your remote to your TV. How do you pair your remote with the TV? Now using the Xfinity button and the mute button on your remote, press them both and you wait til the remote turns from red to green. This will only take some seconds. Then enter the five digit code. If you cannot find that code you should go to the Xfinity website and find it there. When you have done all of this, your remote should pair with your television.  You are in for a treat. If your remote has been damaged, you can swap the remote for a new one instead of having to buy another remote. Until you wait for your new remote to come through, if you have an apple or an android, you should download the Xfinity TV remote, an app. You can use this for television for the moment until you get your new remote.


Like it was mentioned before, the Xfinity remote has great responses. So do not give up on the company so easily. Try the steps above. IF the steps above do not work, then you should contact the Xfinity website. Hopefully, this article will give you the help you need. 


1.Why did my remote stop working out of the blue?  

Check your batteries. 

2.Why wont my remote change any channels? 

There might be some connection issues with your Xfinity remote.

Does your Fios remote not change channels?

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