Good News: Hawaii On A Budget

Hawaii is without a doubt one of the most beautiful vacation destinations around the world. It is a state, but its islands are located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean; which is not an easy trip. Therefore, going on a vacation there is different than going to Florida. It is ought to cost you more. But, is it possible to arrange a Hawaii vacation on a budget? Good News: Hawaii On A Budget.

Good News: Hawaii On A Budget

You will be happy to hear that going to Hawaii on a budget is perfectly doable. You will have to lower your standards for your hotel or rental house, though. Paying for a luxurious vacation would be terribly expensive in Hawaii. But you can still explore the beautiful island, swim on the Pacific coast, and have a wonderful time without spending too much money. Here we discussed Good News: Hawaii On A Budget.

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Choose One Island In Hawaii

In order to plan a low-budget trip to Hawaii, the first step to take is choosing one of the four Hawaiian Islands that are popular vacation destinations. These islands would be, Maui, Kauai, the Big Island, and Oahu. They are tourist hotspots and they have large populations, so they are easier to travel to, and you will find a place to stay more easily. 

  • The cheapest of these islands would be Oahu. 


Since you are looking to go on a vacation on a budget, the accommodation should be determined accordingly. Above, it is suggested that Oahu is the cheapest destination in all Hawaiian Islands, so it is quite possible to find a suitable hotel. It is best to remain between $100 and $200 because below $100 might not be worth it, and above $200 is too much. Considering all of this, here are some picks for cheap hotels in Oahu:

  • Waikiki Sand Villa Hotel

This hotel is a good option because it is located very near the ocean, it is a three-star hotel, and it costs $178 per night for a single room with two guests. 

  • Waikiki Monarch Hotel

This one is noticeably cheaper than most of the other hotels you will find in Oahu. It costs only $149 per night for a single room with two guests. Lower your expectations about the service before booking a room, though. Overall, though, for a low-budget vacation to discover the island and try different activities, this hotel is perfect to spend your nights. 

  • Pagoda

Pagoda hotel has two stars and its guests are generally very happy with the service. For two guests, the price per night is $151. 

  • Ohia Waikiki Studio Suits

These suits would be perfect for your vacation. You will have to pay $170 for one night and the hotel has three stars with wonderful service.

Another option for accommodation is Airbnb. It is available in Hawaii, and it is possible to find cheaper accommodation options via Airbnb. 

You can also try camping if you enjoy it or just feel wild. It is always an option and would save you a lot of money. 

Save money on food, activities, and other expenses In Hawaii  

Now that you have arranged where to stay on your Hawaii vacation, it is time to plan the rest of your trip. There are lots of things to do that will help you save money while still enjoying the island fully. 

If you are going for an Airbnb or camping, cooking your own food would help you save money. Eating out is expensive in Hawaii as it is in every other place, so you can make your own food for the most part, and save one meal to try out some local dishes. 

There are lots of fairs in Hawaii. At these fairs, they sell homemade jewelry and set up stands to sell some local craftwork. You can go to these fairs to experience some local vibes, along with free events like concerts and outdoor activities. 

You can go hiking which is completely free or plan a trip to the wonderful Hawaiian wildlife. There are botanical gardens that do not require money to enter, there are beaches that are totally free to everybody, so you can have the full Hawaiian experience in these places without spending any money. Some examples of these places are,

  • Waimea Valley
  • Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden
  • Lanikai Beach
  • Waikiki Beach
  • Koko Crater Trail
  • Manoa Falls


In conclusion, you don’t have to spend a fortune to plan a wonderful vacation to Hawaii. On the contrary, the things you can do in Hawaii on a budget have no limits. All you have to do is to arrange a hotel or house according to your budget (or camping), look at the activities you can participate in and the sights you want to see. You can enjoy the beaches, the falls, the forests, and the mountains, all without spending a lot of money. Hopefully, the recommendations in this article have been helpful to you. Now, it is time to start planning an epic trip to one of the most beautiful islands in the world! Here we discussed Good News: Hawaii On A Budget.

Good News: Hawaii On A Budget

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