IPVanish vs Expressvpn : Which One Is Better

People usually think that the only way to get a fast, safe VPN is to pay a lot of money. But that is wrong, you can get one of the fastest, most secure VPNs out there for less than $7 per month. While you might be wrong in thinking that the fastest VPN is going to cost you an arm and a leg, you’re right in thinking that not all fast VPNs are created equal. IPVanish vs Expressvpn : Which One Is Better is discussed.

IPVanish vs Expressvpn : Which One Is Better
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If you need a good torrenting VPN, IPVanish is the right choice.  

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ExpressVPN is better for streaming.

ExpressVPN gives access to more server locations than IPVanish does.

Both have solid security and privacy features, but ExpressVPN seems slightly better in this area than IPVanish (but only slightly).


Both VPNs offer fairly priced plans. The monthly cost is $8.32 per month, or $6.67 if you pay for a year in advance at one time.

Both ExpressVPN and IPVanish offer their services on all of the most popular platforms including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

They both have 30-day money-back guarantees in place as well as 7-day free trials so that you can test them out before committing to anything long-term. Both also have 24/7 live chat support so that they can help you with any problems you may run into while using their services or apps!

Speed and performance

ExpressVPN is faster, but it costs more than Ipvanish. So, if you’re looking for a cheap VPN that offers good speeds, Ipvanish would be a better choice.

Security and privacy

ExpressVPN and IPVanish have the same security standards. Both companies have a strict no-logging policy that keeps your data completely private, as well as military-grade encryption to prevent hackers from accessing it. If your connection drops unexpectedly, they both have kill switches that will disconnect your internet.

Both services offer DNS leak protection, which prevents your true location from being accidentally revealed to websites you visit through their servers. This is important because several VPNs don’t include this feature at all—or if they do, the quality isn’t very good—but both ExpressVPN and IPVanish provide top-of-the-line solutions that keep you safe from prying eyes on either side of the globe.

Streaming and torrenting

Both ExpressVPN and IPVanish are good for streaming and torrenting, but the two services have different strengths.

Ipvanish is known for being a bit faster than ExpressVPN—and it’s still a speedy VPN on its own. With over 1,000 servers in 60 countries (including some in China), Ipvanish also has more locations to choose from, making it more accessible for those who travel or live abroad. No significant difference can be noted between both, as far as speed goes.

ExpressVPN has a few things going for it when it comes to security: no logs policy; 256-bit encryption; split tunnelling tech that keeps your traffic separated so you don’t compromise your PC’s security; DNS leak protection; kill switch feature that stops internet activity if there’s an unexpected disconnection (so you don’t get exposed). All these features make ExpressVPN one of the most secure VPNs out there—but they aren’t unique! Most other good VPNs have similar safeguards installed too—which means they’re all pretty safe!

Ease of use and support

Ipvanish offers 24/7 support via live chat and email, but also has phone and Twitter options. ExpressVPN’s support team is available 24/7 as well via live chat and email, but also includes phone, Twitter, and Facebook options as well.

Both companies will answer your questions about the service quickly – Ipvanish claims its average response time is less than 10 minutes – but ExpressVPN’s website states that it will respond within 60 seconds! When you think about how busy some VPN providers can be, it’s really impressive.

Ipvanish does offer a limited number of free technical support tickets per month (five), which is better than nothing at least!


The truth is, that both VPNs are good at what they do. They’re just different in terms of what you’ll need out of them and how much you plan on using them.

ExpressVPN is best for people who want to maximize speed, security, and privacy when browsing the Internet. It’s also a good choice if you use public Wi-Fi often or travel abroad frequently (because it has over 1,000 servers around the world).

IPVanish is ideal for users who need high-quality streaming capabilities so they can watch Netflix and other streaming services without buffering issues. It also has more than 1,000 servers around the world—but since IPVanish uses Amazon’s cloud infrastructure instead of self-owned servers like ExpressVPN does, it has fewer locations but higher speeds overall: up to 850 Mbps on some devices (and lower speeds on others). IPVanish vs Expressvpn : Which One Is Better is discussed.


Even though they’re both powerful VPN providers, ExpressVPN and IPVanish have some key differences. IPVanish is best for advanced users who want total control over their VPN experience, while ExpressVPN is more user-friendly and easier to set up. Both VPN services have a money-back guarantee which allows you a trial period. IPVanish vs Expressvpn : Which One Is Better was discussed.

IPVanish vs Expressvpn : Which One Is Better

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