Is Planet fitness worth it? – Know More


If you are an avid fitness and health fan, you probably heard of Planet Fitness. It is a chain of fitness centers with over 2000 locations throughout the United States. The fitness center is affordable and convenient as there are many locations you can easily access and begin your fitness journey. It is equipped with various workout machines and amenities and has several trainers to help you get started on your fitness journey; the best part is that it is open around the clock. In this article we will know Is the planet fitness worth it?

Is Planet fitness worth it? - Know More

Planet fitness is worth the money if you are beginning your fitness journey or want to do a little more cardio work. They have a variety of cardio machines, and at just 10$ a month or less in the case of promotions, you will be getting your money’s worth from the fitness franchise. It is, however, not well equipped for weight training, and as such, if you are into CrossFit or heavy lifting, you may be missing out and would benefit from other gyms that are catered to this.

Planet fitness membership cost.

Basic membership at Planet Fitness costs about 10 $ monthly, which gives you access to one home gym, around-the-clock fitness, and free wifi connection. You can upgrade to the black card membership for 22$ monthly. This boosts you with access to all locations, a massage, half-price drinks, discounted Reebok goods, and free tanning.

The yearly cost can range from 100$ per year for the essential subscription and 300$ for the black card subscription services. However, these prices can be negotiated, so please do your research and negotiate the costs down.

If you want to scout the planet fitness environment without committing to a membership, they offer day passes that you can access on their website.

Machines and equipment.

The purple color may throw you off if you have visited planet fitness. It is everywhere and almost on every fitness machine. Apart from the clean space, the club has an array of cardio machines ranging from elliptical, stair master, and treadmill. 

There is also a ton of ab and resistance equipment perfect for those ab circuits and toning exercises. However, if you are looking to weight train, Planet Fitness is quite disappointing. There is no weight equipment except dumbbells weighing less than 50 lbs. They also have rules that restrict weight lifting and compound movements.


The amenities that are mainly available to black card members are exceptional. You get to self-tan, enjoy hydro massages for your muscles after a great workout, and body enhancement that aids in better results during your activities. Even locations offer free haircuts, though their quality may need to be investigated.

The design is excellent, well equipped with beautiful lockers and showers to get you cleaned up. Depending on the day, you can enjoy cool drinks and free meals like pizzas and bagels.

Merits of Planet Fitness.

  • They are affordable.
  • They are conveniently based on the several locations available.
  • They have good amenities available for the black card membership.
  • They offer free wifi.
  • They are open 24/7.
  • It is the right place for you if you hate the lifting culture.


  • Little to no personal training available.
  • The extra cost is associated with the amenities.
  • Restrictive rules on weight lifting and compound movements.
  • Lack of weight lifting equipment.

Does planet fitness give members access to a pool and sauna?

Unfortunately, planet fitness does not contain any swimming pools or saunas. You have better luck finding these in other gyms.

Does planet fitness offer group classes?

Planet Fitness does not have traditional Zumba and Pilates classes. They offer beginners some sessions to learn cardio movements and acclimate to the gym equipment while learning how to use them correctly.


Fitness is an integral part of being healthy, and having a planet fitness location around can be great if you start your journey. The gym club is well worth it if you do not care much for weight training but are looking to get in shape or lose a few pounds, but for those people who would like to push their limits and progress, then you may be better off finding alternatives that cater to your needs because Planet Fitness is not it.

Frequently asked questions.

How can I cancel my Planet Fitness membership?

The cancellation process is simple. You can either visit your home location and cancel in person or mail a letter communicating your interest.

What is the environment like at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness boasts an inclusive, judgment-free zone where members can begin their fitness journey in a warm, welcoming environment.

What is the worst thing about Planet Fitness?

That would probably have to be the annoyingly loud grunt alarm. When a member breaks the rules, the club releases the lunk alarm, a loud siren accompanied by flashing lights and public ridicule. 

Is Planet fitness worth it? – Know More

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