Want To Know About Laura Geller Makeup

Makeup is used by so many people. It looks great on your skin and it also may be a form of your artistic expression. It may also be therapeutic for you. When you go online you see so many ideas in the world of makeup. Laura Geller is a makeup artist. And not only is she a makeup artist she has her own makeup line released. In this article, we are going to mention some of her products and how you are supposed to use those products.

Want To Know About Laura Geller Makeup

How To Use Laura Geller Makeup Products:

So, this would be nice for beginners in makeup too. An example would be her classic bronzer brush- brush it down your cheekbones;

  1. Foundation Brush
  2. Full face Powder Brush 
  3. Always Their Waterproof Mascara
  4. Sparkle waterproof eye primer+ concealer
  5. Modern Classic Lipstick

1. Foundation brush:

The foundation brush is for eighteen dollars. The brush is vegan, on top of that, it has a lot of bristles. And it is cruelty-free. Now, if you want to apply the foundation on your face and you want to apply a liquid foundation, what you do is squeeze a bit of your foundation on your hand, then you place your foundation brush on the foundation that you have placed on your hand. After that, you apply the foundation brush on your face that has a foundation on it. You can even use the brush for powder foundation. 

2. Full Face Powder Brush:

As the name has mentioned, this brush is used for powder. It is cruelty-free and vegan. It also has a lot of bristles. You can use the brush for any powder. It can be used for the foundation. It can be used for blush. It can be used for highlighter even. Remember, before you apply the content that you put on your brush, to your face, remember to tap the brush because if there is any excess, it can give you a cakey look. After you have tapped the brush from excess, start applying the product to your face. If it is the foundation, apply it to your whole face. If it is blush, put it on regions where you want it to be. 

3. Always there Waterproof Mascara:

The great thing about mascara is that you do not need to put a full face of makeup on to apply it. You can just put on the mascara, put some lip gloss on your lip and you are good to go. This mascara is good for eyelashes that are thin and they are also good for short eyelashes. The mascara does not clump. You take the mascara brush out of the tube and put it against your lashes and then bring the mascara up. And did you know that this mascara is waterproof? So it seems like a good mascara that you should add to your makeup. 

4. Spackle Waterproof eye primer + concealer:

Eye primer is used to help make your eyeshadow look better and concealer is used for covering up dark eye bags concealer can also be used to cover up whatever is on your face that you would like to cover up. This product consists of two types of eye primers. One is Fair/ light and the other is medium/deep. When you apply medium/ deep and then you apply eyeshadow on it, your eyeshadow appears darker in contrast to fair/ light where the eyeshadow is more on the light side. And it was only 23 dollars. So, a concealer and an eye primer are all in one. 

5. Modern Classic lipstick:

Lipstick can be very essential makeup. There are colors that you can choose from when n it comes to lipstick. Check which color suits you. Is it red? Is it pink? Is it orange? Whatever the color may be. It can be more than one color. Now when it comes to this lipstick there are many kinds. There is one called Divine. There is another one called Glorious. There is also Legendary. And then we also have elite, regal, and wistful. When applying lipstick, you should also apply lip liner but make sure that the lip liner works well with the lipstick


Have fun with your makeup. You learn over time. Look at YouTube tutorials. See what you can learn from those. You can even try to create a makeup trick for yourself. See the types of products that you like. Never give up if it does not go well and show people your makeup work and do not be afraid to take constructive criticism. You should look at Laura Gellar’s makeup website because her website also shows you how to apply the makeup products from her company. 


  1. Where are Laura Geller Makeup products made?

All over the world

  1. Where is her headquarters?

New York

Want To Know About Laura Geller Makeup

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