Schedule Lyft In Advance – Know More

Lyft is an online ridesharing marketplace that was founded in 2012 by Logan and John Zimmer with the sole purpose of improving people’s lives with the best transportation. The company operates in the United States and Canada, providing users with personalized on-demand access to multiple mobility options. In more simple terms, Lyft connects drivers with riders within the same or nearest locations. Typically, a rider will request a Lyft, and the nearest driver will accept the trip and transport the rider to their designated location. In this article we will talk about how to schedule Lyft in advance ?

Schedule Lyft In Advance - Know More

How to Schedule a Lyft Up to 7 Days in Advance in Just 4 Easy Steps 

But, what happens if a rider would like to book a ride in advance?. Thankfully, Lyft now offers riders the option to request a ride in advance. Although Lyft was initially made to be an on-demand ridesharing app, the demand for an option to schedule rides ahead of time was growing and so the company decided to give the people what they want. You can now schedule a ride in advance using your phone or laptop on their app and website. To learn more about how to schedule a Lyft in advance continue reading this article. 

Reasons to Schedule a Lyft Ride

This feature was first launched in 2016 in San Francisco and is now widely available in many metropolitan areas where Lyft already operates. The process of scheduling a ride is similar to requesting for a normal ride, so one might wonder why this feature is necessary because pickup usually occurs a few minutes after requesting. Well, these are the most common reasons why people use this feature:

  1. Catching Flights

There’s absolutely nothing worse than missing a flight because of unavailable drivers in your area or getting stuck in traffic after waiting too long for your ride. Either way, this is the most common reason why people schedule their rides in advance because missing a flight can be very stressful and costly. Riders will use this feature to schedule airport rides to ensure that they don’t miss their flights.

  1. Punctuality

Catching a flight is not the only time people need to be punctual. Some riders schedule their rides to ensure they are punctual to business meetings, presentations, exams, and other worthwhile causes that require timeliness. By scheduling their trips earlier, riders increase their chances of being matched with a driver on time.

  1. Money Saver

We all know that prices increase during peak operating hours and scheduling your ride in advance can help you avoid paying those rates. When you schedule a ride in advance the price shown to you at the time will be the amount you pay on the day of the ride, regardless of any change in conditions on the road.

Ultimately the biggest reason people schedule their rides is because they need to be at the destination they are traveling to at a specific time.

How to Schedule a Lyft Ride

Now that you know some of the circumstances under which one may require to schedule a ride, let’s see how it is done. Scheduled rides are very quick and easy to set up. Simply follow the steps below to schedule your next ride:

  1. Enter Your Pickup Location

To set your pickup location, open the Lyft app on your device. If your device location is already on then Lyft will automatically use your current location at the pickup point. To set a different pickup point, simply type in the correct address in the pickup location bar.

  1. Enter Your Destination

Now that you’ve set your pickup point, you then have to enter your desired drop-off location. Simply type in the address or choose a location on the map by dragging the location pointer.

  1. Schedule Your Ride

Once you’ve entered the location of your destination, look for the “Schedule” button and tap on it. A menu will appear from which you will select the appropriate time and date for your scheduled ride. Lyft will give you a range of pickup times to choose from depending on the pickup time you set because they cannot guarantee an accurate pickup time.

Note that you’ll see a range of pickup times based on the time you choose. You can make adjustments to your pickup time if you are concerned about being late. Once you’ve selected the pickup time, click on “set pickup time” and then tap “Schedule” to confirm your ride.

  1. Remember To Be on Time For Your Scheduled Ride

Although Lyft sends reminders leading up to the scheduled ride, you have to ensure that you don’t forget it. Your driver may arrive a little early, so try to be a few minutes early as well in case that happens. If you are running late and your driver has arrived at the pickup location, you can easily contact them and let them know to wait for you a little longer.


Being able to schedule a ride can help reduce some of the anxiety when you’re trying to get somewhere important, especially when living in big cities like New York. You can schedule a ride 7 days in advance and you can also cancel the ride at no extra charge if you cancel early enough. A scheduled ride can help you be punctual and save you some money in the process. We hope that this article will help you schedule your next ride with ease for your next big appointment or flight.

Schedule Lyft In Advance – Know More

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