The Best Selling OVO Jordan 10s Sneakers Review

OVO Jordan 10s got released following the official collaboration between Drake fashions and Air Jordans. OVO stands for Octobers’ Very Own. they were released in September 2015. The OVO Jordan 10 line has divulged only two pairs so far, one is in all black and the other is in all white. The Best Selling OVO Jordan 10s Sneakers Review is discussed.

The Best Selling OVO Jordan 10s Sneakers  Review
Best Selling Sneakers of OVO

The OVO Jordan 10s is one of the best-selling sneakers from Drake labels. The sneakers are super simple yet super complicated at the same time. The reviewers have quoted them as Super Dope pair of 2015. The pair got ratings above 4-star on all the websites. The shoes are made up of real leather and are accented with stingray leather to compliment the monochromatic scheme. The overall quality of the shoes is pretty good but the reviewers have stated that they are less sturdy and the leather looks cheap. 

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OVO Jordan 10:

OVO Jordan 10s are a limited edition pair that was released in 2015 and 2016. It was a surprise drop and people went crazy to have them. These sneakers are still on the buying lists of many. People are still looking to buy them. These are available on eBay and Nike stores. You can also buy them from traders and local sellers. 

The pair got its hype because of its unique coloring along with a jazzed-up Jordan 10 structure. The overall design imitates Air Jordan 10s by Tinker Hatfield. The OVO Jordan 10 line has only released the pair in two colors, i.e. OVO Jordan 10 ‘white’ and OVO Jordan 10 ‘Black’. Both of them have their specifications and cons. 

OVO Jordan 10 ‘ white’ :

The OVO Jordan 10 white was a surprise drop in September 2015. There it was also showcased for NBA All-star weekend (2015).

These are low-heeled pull-tab sneakers with the white monochromatic scheming outside. The metallic gold Jordans and OVO labels embedded at the bottom, inside sole, and aglets garnish the white scheming.  

The outside is made up of white leather with faux stingrays on the upper ride liners. You can also see a touch of translucent white that uniforms the white look

OVO Jordan 10 ‘ white’ – Review:

The OVO Jordan 10 pair gets immensely popular right after the release date. People were happy to get the white monotoned version of Jordan 10s. They have an average of 4.1 stars in reviews. 

Positive features:

The following are the most attractive specifications of OVO Jordan 10 ‘white’. 

  • The retro design 
  • The overall white structure  

Negative features: 

The quality of the leather doesn’t seem good. The white on top leather doesn’t look sturdy. Also, the stingray used in these pairs doesn’t flaunt the actual structure of the stingray leather.  

OVO Jordan 10 ‘ Black:

After the popularity of monotoned white, the company decided to launch another OVO Jordan 10 in ‘Black’. It officially debuted in February 2016, this time in a black composition. 

The outer is made the same as the white one with the same stingray print in black. 

OVO Jordan 10 ‘ Black’ – Review:

The Air Jordan OVO black 10 got better reviews than the OVO Jordan white. It is made up of better quality tumbled lathers with the sturdiness that was lacking before. This time the OVO Jordans’ got an average of 4.5-star ratings. 

Positive features:

  • The Jordan 10 retro design
  • The monotone black 
  • The stretchy laces with hints of golden on aglets 

Negative features: 

There was nothing specified bad about OVO Jordans black.  

Overall OVO Jordan 10 – review:

The OVO × Air Jordans is one of the most trumpeted collaborations of past years. Even after several years, they are still selling best. 

These sneakers have got 4+ ratings from the start. They are made up of quality leather with good sizings and outer embellishments. These are included in the top 5 popular pairs from Drakes’s brands. The sneakers are a big yes for Drakes fans and the people that follow DOPE styles. 


Air Jordan OVO 10 mimics the style of the original Jordan 10s. In 2015, the two brands collaborated to produce OVO Jordan 10s. The first pair was in white that became immensely popular within a few weeks. They were labeled as one of the best quality sneakers. The major specifications that help them get a 4+ star ratings are sleek colorings, and the use of stingray leather. They are low-heeled sneakers best for formal wear. They get positive reviews on all the selling websites, youtube channels, etc. The Best Selling OVO Jordan 10s Sneakers Review was discussed.


What does OVO mean in Jordans?

OVO means Octobers’ Very Own, it is a record name of musician Drake and the name of its Clothing line. Jordans have collaborated with OVO to produce monotonic versions of Jordan 10 and 12 in black and white. 

In how many colors does OVO Air Jordans 10 are available?

Air Jordan OVO 10s are available only in two colors, White and Black

What is the most attractive feature of OVO Jordan 10?

The Air Jordan 10s OVO was praised because of structure transcriptions of Jordan 10s in monochromatic theme

The Best Selling OVO Jordan 10s Sneakers Review

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