Which Dollar Store Is The Best?

We all love Dollar stores as we get to buy some pretty good and useful supplies at deeply discounted rates. There are several dollar stores scattered around the US. Want to splurge and go all out in a dollar store? Wondering which stores are the best? Read on to find out!

Which Dollar Store Is The Best?

Which Dollar Store Is The Best?

Dollar General is the best and most successful Dollar store in the US. All the stocks aren’t exactly one dollar, but their prices are considerably lower than those in traditional grocery stores. It has a total of 18,216 stores around the US. The store deals in grocery items, toys, home décor, clothing, health and beauty aids, cleaning, pet, and seasonal items.

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Some Online Dollar Stores

  • Dollar Store: Dollar store offers many products across different categories, all of which cost between $1 and $5.
  • Dollar Tree:  This is one of the biggest dollar-store chains in America. Dollar Tree has left all its prices at $1, unlike other dollar stores that sell slightly more expensive items. It has a variety of products, from clothing items to groceries to party supplies and many more.
  • Five Below: This store was formerly ‘Holler.’ Holler was an online store that made it easy to save money off bulk shopping. Holler was later acquired by Five Below. Five Below typically sells products with prices between $1 and $10. It offers a range of items, including clothing items, toys, candy, snacks, housewares, cleaning supplies, and books. Its products are of decent quality.
  • Dollar Shave Club: This store lets members enjoy quality shaves without the heavy price tag. It is one of the most economical razor subscription services. It, however, requires a subscription to save money on razors. It has two monthly plans- The four-blade all-terrain, which offers four-blade razors and four cartridges for $8 monthly, and the Six-blade extra close plan, which offers six-blade razors and four cartridges for $10 monthly.
  • Dollar Fanatic: This store is a dollar store and a wholesale store in one. It offers 50% off many products and 11 for 10 deals. It, however, has fewer products to select from compared to other dollar stores.
  • Dollar Days: Dollar days provides wholesale products at very affordable prices. Dollar Day offers several colors, including toys, food, backpacks, clothing, kitchen and dining products, personal protective equipment, electronics, and baby products. It has a program that helps organizations plan fundraisers and charity events.
  • Miss A: This store sells various care products starting at $1. Some popular categories include makeup products, lashes, accessories, hair, self-care products, brushes, and jewelry. All products sold are cruelty-free and FDA-approved.

Best Items To Purchase At A Dollar Store

  • Office and school supplies: Dollar stores are the best places to stock up on school supplies. You will find items like pens, sticky notes, binders, planners, pencils, calculators, pencils, and staplers.
  • Books: Books are a common sight in dollar stores. While you may not find the latest books or best sellers, you will always find basic books and other reading materials. Children’s books and religious books are very common.
  • Dinnerware: You can find a wide assortment of dinnerware at dollar stores. Dollar stores stock utensils, plates, tablecloths, napkins, placemats, and even glassware.
  • Cleaning supplies: Gloves, rags, squeegees, sponges, and buckets are some of the best cleaning supplies in a dollar store.
  • Greeting cards: Dollar stores have a large selection of greeting cards for $1 or even less.
  • Gift bags and boxes: You can typically get party supplies for cheap at dollar stores. You can get décor, gift wraps, bags, and boxes.
  • Hair accessories: Combs, brushes, bobby pins, and clips can be found in dollar stores for very cheap.
  • Pregnancy tests: As surprising as this may seem, you can get pregnancy tests from grocery stores too. Endeavor to check that it’s not expired before use.
  • Candy: Boxed and bagged candy can be bought at a good bargain at dollar stores. 
  • Toiletries: You can find travel-size toiletries at dollar stores. Tiny containers of shampoo, conditioners, tiny tubes of lotions, and toothpaste are just the perfect size for your toiletry bag.

Items To Avoid At The Dollar Store

  • Knives: Knives sold in dollar stores are cheap and not good quality. Knives from dollar stores may lead to cooking accidents due to dull blades or cheap handles.
  • Pet food: Dollar store pet food may not contain all the essential ingredients. It is advised that you buy your pet food at proper pet stores.
  • Electronic accessories: Electronic accessories sold at the dollar store are of poor quality. They break quickly, damage your phone, and cause accidents.
  • Medicines: You should skip dollar store medicines and vitamins altogether. The drugs are not subjected to the same testing as branded medicines.
  • Batteries: Batteries bought from dollar stores are not as durable as other batteries. They are prone to leakage, which can damage your device.

Final Words

Dollar stores sell cheaper items than other traditional grocery stores. Prices are typically between $1 and $5 or even $10. Dollar stores are your go-to options for simple household supplies. They usually have a wide selection of products for extremely discounted prices.


  • Can I return an item bought from a dollar tree?

Dollar Tree’s return policy does not allow refunds, but you can exchange the item for something else If returned in good condition.

  • Can I make a payment with PayPal?

You can make payments with PayPal at most dollar stores.

Which Dollar Store Is The Best?

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