Why My Internet Does Not Work During Call? – Know More

Most times, when we are surfing on the internet and have to place a call or receive one, the internet connection gets disconnected. In this time and age, when our world has gone digital and in all we do, we need to surf the internet for one reason or another, it becomes so annoying that when we need to confirm, check or enquire about something on the internet, you are not able to do that while on a call. Why my internet does not work during call? The Internet doesn’t work while we are on call for some reasons: the android version of the phone, our phone settings, CDMA-based networks, etc.

Why My Internet Does Not Work During Call? - Know More

Why your internet does not work when you are on a call?

You might not be able to surf the internet while you are on call for the following reasons

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Phone Restrictions

Some phones are made without the feature to allow voice and data simultaneously. Due to this restriction, your internet connection is usually blocked until you end your call. Your internet connection resumes automatically after your call.

Incorrect APN configuration

To support both internet connection and call at the same time, you must ensure that your Access Point Name is set to be LTE. It is possible that the default Access Point Name of your network is not LTE, if this is the case, you cannot browse while you call.

CDMA-based networks

If your carrier’s network is built on an older CDMA version, you cannot surf the internet while you are on a call. This is because voice and data connectivity is not supported to function simultaneously.

VoLTE status 

In case you use a 4G LTE network, if your VoLTE is off, your internet connection will automatically be disrupted because the call will change the 4G to either 3G or 2G.

How to allow internet use during calls?

Access Point Name (APN) Configuration

Under your phone settings, select the sim and mobile networks option

Select which sim you want to set for both internet and call ( in case your phone uses dual sims)

  • Click the Access Point Names option
  • Select the second option under your Access Point Names. It should be Mobile Office, but it can be called anything else depending on your phone
  • Select the bearer option under the Edit Access Point.
  • This is most likely selected to be Unspecified. Change the check to LTE
  • Ensure you click OK and Save
  • Restart your phone to effect the change.
Wi-Fi Calling

If you activate your Wi-Fi calling, you can use the internet while you are on call. You can activate your internet calling by following the steps below:

  • Ensure your android supports Wi-Fi calling
  • Visit your settings and search for Wi-Fi calling
  • Switch the Wi-Fi calling feature on
Enable VoLTE

If your device is configured to work with VoLTE, you should enable it to be able to call and use the internet. However, to use this feature, you must be in an environment that has a 4G network. Follow the steps below to enable your VoLTE

  • Open your settings, click network and internet
  • Under network and internet, click mobile network
  • Locate your service provider settings
  • Click on either 4G calling or HD voice, it can be named differently on your device
  • Switch the 4G calling on.

How to use the internet while on a call with another sim?

This applies to devices with dual sims. Some android devices come with a feature that allows you to receive calls on a sim while browsing on another sim. To illustrate, if you are using line 1 to surf the internet, and a call comes in on line 2, you can receive your call but your browsing line will automatically turn to line 2. It is sweeter because, for android, only a sim is allowed to browse the internet at a time, this gives you the opportunity of browsing with the same line through which you are receiving your call. Follow the following steps to activate this feature:

  • From settings, go to connections or network & internet setting
  • Next, click mobile settings
  • Toggle ‘Allow All Sims to Use Data In Calls’

The world is at a point where we should be able to receive calls without disrupting our internet access. This feature is now in phones. All you have to do is to visit your settings and toggle any necessary options.


Q: Can I use the internet on both sims?

A: No, you cannot. You can only use one sim to access the internet at a time. this is because your android phone has only one modem and you will need two modems to use two sims to connect to the internet simultaneously

Q: Can I use the internet and still receive calls simultaneously on my iPhone?

A: Yes, you can access the internet and still receive calls on your iPhone by enabling voice and data under 4G in your phone settings

Q: Can I receive a call and access the internet on a 2G/3G phone?

A: No, you cannot. Unless you have a 4G LTE, you cannot use the voice and data feature.

Why My Internet Does Not Work During Call? – Know More

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