Xchange Secaucus Pet Policy-Know More

Introducing the Xchange at Secaucus Junction, a riverfront neighborhood of impressive rental apartments in Secaucus, NJ. Xchange Secaucus has established a new livelihood for its tenants and pets. Do you want to adopt one or do you already have one? Don’t be concerned! Pets are greeted at Secaucus apartments! There may be some limitations. But in all, the Xchange Pet policy has revolutionized the housing lifestyle. Let’s know Xchange Secaucus Pet Policy.

Know About Xchange Secaucus Pet Policy

The pet-friendly program at the Xchange Secaucus Pet is quite friendly for pet owners. A safe and clean environment for your pets and parks that are open for all kinds of animals is available at this rental apartment. This rental space is one of its kind, giving out facilities like no other experience.

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What Is Xchange Secaucus?

The Xchange Secaucus is a place of dreams for pet parents who are looking for animal-friendly rental spaces. In addition to this, it has a 35,000 square-foot utility space and a short drive to Manhattan, making Xchange at Secaucus Junction a premium alternative.

Xchange is known for the services and comfort they provide to its users. They provide a variety of services, including protected garage parking, packaging services, and a full-time on-site manager.

Well, the residents here, don’t need to hesitate to contact Front Desk personnel or one of the Guest Service Representatives during check-in or check-out if you have any concerns about your pet’s comfort and wellbeing while staying with you at the Xchange.

What Guidelines Have Been Issued By The Xchange Secaucus Pet Policy?

Although the Xchange Secaucus provides a variety of opulent amenities for your four-legged friends, it takes care of their tenets. They have certain policies that are beneficial for both the pets and their owners.

  1. Only dogs and cats weighing up to 20 pounds are allowed in the room.
  2. Only two pairs of paws are allowed per room, for which each animal will be charged separately.
  3. All guests must accompany their pets at all times.
  4. Pets are allowed only on the first floor of the property.
  5. Pets are not allowed in public locations like the lobbies, conference rooms, restaurants or bars, swimming pools/spas, or gyms and spas.

They have everything you need to have a complete space for a healthy living space, from laundry services, high-speed wifi, two and three pet-friendly bedrooms to gated premises and garaged parking spaces. The rent is variable here, allowing you to find a place that fits your budget.

Advantages Of Renting The Xchange Secaucus 

Xchange Secaucus rentals may be a fantastic alternative if you need a safe space to stay with your pet while you’re out for academic or commerce-related stays. These pet-friendly rental homes include fenced-in yards, grassy areas, and entertaining toys, among other amenities.

Pets are allowed in all rooms on the first floor and play areas are specially built for your pets. Animals like dogs and cats have specialized areas for playing and spending joyous time.

Is The Xchange Secaucus Budget-Friendly?

Expenditure at Xchange Secaucus Pet is very pocket friendly and may not burden your financial planning. The Xchange Secaucus charges a one-time, non-refundable fee of $500 as their application fee. Further, for animals like cats and dogs, the owners are charged a minimal amount of $75/month which is inclusive of services like trash removal and access to their famous dog parks. Each apartment has a food/water bowl in addition to a variety of toys to keep your pet happy. You can take your pets to the onsite spa, which provides discounts to residents who bring their pets.


It has a pet- friendly policy and have even arranged for the play area of your pets. Taking care of a few things mentioned in their pet policy, your and your pet’s stay is going to be comforting and wholesome. This space lets you and your pet enjoy a safe and hygienic environment.


  • How do pets feel at Xchange Secaucus?

Pet tenets may not be able to find another property with such pet-friendly policies as them. This rental property not only cares about its residents but also their pets. This is a pet-friendly community.

  • What kind of animals are allowed at Xchange Secaucus?

All and any type and size of animals are allowed there (excluding snakes, spiders, or other potentially dangerous animals). This place is specially equipped for animals like cats and dogs.

  • How big is the playland at Xchange Secaucus Pet? 

This rental space has a special park, named dog-park, a safe space for their owners to walk with their pets and spend time with them.

  • Is Xchange Secaucus hygienic?

Several safety measures have been established by the them are commendable. This place serves your pets the comfort and support they deserve.

Xchange Secaucus Pet Policy-Know More

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