Domino’s Refund Policy

Fear of getting a refund in case of dissatisfaction is a thought that troubles a lot of the customers or consumers of various goods and services. However, this isn’t the case for customers at Domino’s Pizza as Domino’s gives assurance of a refund in case of dissatisfaction with one’s Domino’s Pizza experience – yes a refund in case of any dissatisfaction! For a customer to get a refund from Domino’s, one can locate the local store from which his or her order was taken and ask for a refund or use other methods such as contacting Domino’s customer care service through a phone call, email, or a tweet. Keep reading to know more about Domino’s Refund Policy

Dominos Refund Policy

In case of a canceled order under the circumstance that the quoted delivery time is long, there is no need to use the above-mentioned techniques as the charge is completely reverted to one’s card.

Mandatory Refund cases

As Domino’s gives assurance that a customer will receive a hot, sealed pizza on time that is to say within thirty minutes ( except in the case of large orders from 5 pizzas onwards), violation of any of these rules of service such as receiving a cold pizza, unsealed delivery and a wrong order give a customer the right to demand a refund. 

Customers are allowed to return the orders within two hours from the purchase time to the original purchase store under the delivery insurance program that Domino’s carries out.

Steps to follow in mandating a refund.

Concerning information from refunds can be through a local store, phone, email, and tweet. 

The following are the steps to demand a refund from a local store:

  • Locate the original local store of purchase.
  • State your justification for mandating a refund.
  • If the reason for the refund is accepted make sure to take note of the person who listened to your query or ask for a refund confirmation through email.

Note: Upon refusal of the reason for a refund a customer can use other methods to demand a refund (phone, email, and tweet).

To get a refund by phone a customer can contact Domino’s customer care service number that is provided on their official website from Mondays to Fridays, from 8 am -6 pm EST. 

If an individual wants to be contacted for a refund through email he or she can use 

If a customer prefers using Twitter, the link can be used to give one’s demand for a refund.

How long should an individual wait for a refund from Domino’s?

If the respective amount of order was deducted but the order was not confirmed, it can take 7 working days to get a refund. However, a refund normally takes 10 business days, the length depends on the transaction type and financial organization for instance by using a card or Paypal.

What can cause refund demand to be dropped off?

Every good service must have a parameter to avoid its abuse and Domino’s, knowing this has set its boundary to avoid abuse of its refund policy

The condition under which Domino’s will not offer a refund is if a third party is involved in the issue, that is to mean if the third party is being used to pay for one’s meals or the third party has access to one’s Domino’s account and is using it without one’s consent, he or she will still be accountable to pay for meals and no refund will be offered by Domino’s.

Therefore, having a refund policy is a good decision for any franchise as customers rest assured of great quality or accountability in case satisfaction is not met to the expected quality that they pay for. 


Domino’s Pizza continues to be among the best pizza delivery franchises not only because of quality and their delivery policy but also because they can be accountable via refund policy hence attracting more and more customers.

Frequently asked questions on Domino’s refund policy.
  • Does Domino’s give refunds?

Answer: Yes, Domino’s offers refunds if a customer has not experienced the expected Domino’s Pizza experience.

  • How can an individual ask Domino’s for a refund?

Answer: Domino’s can be contacted via their free toll number, email, or tweet for a refund.

  • How can a customer make a complaint against Domino’s services?

Answer: A dissatisfied customer can make a complaint against Domino’s services from the local store, on the order confirmation page, or the order tracking page.

  • Does Domino’s ensure that its customers receive satisfying services?

Answer: Yes Domino’s ensures that its customers receive satisfying services. This is also done to avoid the loss of giving refunds due to customers’ dissatisfaction as mandated by their refund policy.

  • Does Domino’s refund if they offer services late?

Answer: Domino’s does not refund if they offer services late due to poor store operating conditions as they make sure the customer is informed beforehand that the order may be delivered late while placing his or her order.

Domino’s Refund Policy

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