Fitbit Competitors-Know More

Fitbit is one of the most popular electronics companies in recent times. In 2007, it was established. This company manufactures health and fitness- equipment. The specialty of this American company lies in its production of industry-leading fitness wearables and brands featuring the latest technologies. Several wearable fitness trackers manufactured by Fitbit, are used to keep an eye on human steps, sleep, and more. Let us know more about that the Fitbit Competitors-Know More.

Fitbit Competitors-Know More

The specialty of Fitbit dwells on its enormous range of variety. Only the Fitbit app the buyer has to install and through the app, the devices can be operated easily. Some Fitbit competitors are XIAOMI MI BAND, SAMSUNG GEAR FIT, APPLE WATCH, GARMIN, etc.

Xiaomi Mi Band

Xiaomi Mi band is a production by the Chinese communication company Xiaomi. This band is easy to wear. By Huami, another top brand, Xiaomi manufactures a series of wearables.

The best production of Xioami is Smart band 4, which remains in the top selling category. It costs only $ 40, only 30% of the price of the Fitbit Charge 3.

It comprises a variety of features, which include a music control system, smartphone notification, different exercise modes, and whatnot. Mi Smart Band battery life remains 7 days, whereas the Fitbit charge 3’s battery life remains only 3 days. Xiaomi Mi 3 is considered to be the most shipped wearable fitness band in the world. They have launched Band 4 also and it also remains in high popularity. 

Samsung Gear Fit

Samsung Electronics has launched a series of fitness devices, including wristbands, smart devices, and also apps named Samsung Gear Fit. Gear fit Pro 2 has got all the features to compete with the latest global brands. It comprises a tracker of activities, a sensor to measure heartbeat, and also a variety of modes for tracking cycling and hiking. One shortcoming of using the Samsung Gear fit is its short battery life.

Apple Watch

Apple introduced its line of smartwatches in 2020. Apple watches series 6 is known to be the most wearable watch based on current fitness trends. It has got its exclusive features, like Oximeter, that can measure pulse rate, along with the oxygen level in blood anytime in a day.

The company now has integrated with ios and other services. Series 5 and 6 are declared to be the best alternatives for Fitbit. But its high price keeps Apple beyond the reach of ordinary people.


Garmin is a company that produces gadgets that provide services related to GPS, aircraft, and fitness bands. It has a variety of products that include Garmin Vivosmart 4 and 3. They are considered to be the best alternatives for Fitbit bands. The strongest point for Fitbit is that it can determine the user’s energy level which can help them to fix their time of exercise.  

Whoop Strap

At only $18 per month, Whoop offers its service to its members. Whoop’s specialty lies in its affordable price rates. Just like Fitbit, Whoop also offers its products at affordable prices. Whoop’s subscribers are growing in huge numbers in recent times. It has also hired many new employees. 


The specialization of Misfit depends on its innovation in fitness bands. The Misfit Fitness trackers help its buyers to track the number of calories burnt and sleep, and many more options can provide the buyer’s useful information regarding their health. Misfit Vapor2 is a very appropriate option for those buyers who prefer attractive and smart features over fitness. 


The company named Huami, which belongs to China has launched another fitness band named Amazfit. It has collaborated with Xiaomi Mi, which has uplifted the reputation of the company. It has an affordable range and on one charge, the battery lasts up to 14 hours. In 2020 almost 1.74 million Smartwatches by Amazfit will be sold. This huge leap has taken the company Huami up to the fifth position.

Specialty Of Fitbit

The company has launched a Fitbit-inspired HR consisting of 15 exercise modes and it can track sleep, distance, and pace when connected to the user’s GPS. Inspire HR is slimmer than the Charge 3 version of Fitbit. But it does not have the advanced features of charge 3 that provide weather information. Among this range of Fitbit fitness bands, variety takes precedence.

The Fitbit Charge 3 is considered one of the top demanded versions of Fitbit. It is highly popular, among fitness lovers, because of its flexible setting, comfort, and precision in recording and measuring different metrics. In 2020, Fitbit launched Charge 4, the difference between charge 4 and charge 3 is in their appearances. Charge 4 has its exclusive features.


Day by day the options of fitness bands are increasing. Among all these above-mentioned fitness bands, they have their exclusive features meeting new challenges and providing innovative ideas. But Fitbit is considered to be the king in the realm of fitness wearables. Be its variety or the affordable price in all formats, Fitbit has shown the courage to prove every time the best it can give us.

Fitbit Competitors-Know More

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