Men’s Dress Sneakers -Know More

Dear Men, Yes! Dress sneakers are officially a “thing” and it’s high time you made changes, join the bandwagon and get yourself a pair or more. Let us learn about “Men’s Dress Sneakers”

Y’all need to get yourselves a pair of dress sneakers!

Men’s Dress Sneakers

Dress sneakers are hybrid foot wears- birthed from a combo of formal dress shoes and super comfy sneakers. They offer a more casual alternative to standard dress shoes- by bridging the gap between formal dress shoes and comfortable sneakers. 

“If you associate dressing up with dressing well, but are afraid to stand out…grant dress sneaker a chance in your wardrobe and you won’t be disappointed! Trust me, you won’t.”

They are perfect for occasions when you want to look stylish and casual, or when you are trying to avoid looking “too formal” for an event. Dress sneakers offers a perfect combo of ‘Stylish and Casual’. They come in many styles and colors, but typically have the shape and look of a dress shoe while, incorporating materials such as cotton, wool, rubber etc. which are often seen in athletic shoes or sneakers.

The Look Of Dress Sneakers

“Dress Sneakers are smart, comfortable, slick, and stylish with a big capital ‘S’. These are sneakers that can be easily paired with a suit, chinos, jeans etc. and still gives off the classy, sexy, hot look; while leaving you feeling comfortable.”

Not just any sneaker can be a dress sneaker. It has to be a minimalist design i.e. strictly avoids all-over-the place logo, it should also have a similar design to a dress shoe and it needs to be made of premium materials like leather and suede.

 A dress sneaker differs from a normal one because of its distinctive style, and materials used for its production. The sole tends to be uniform i.e. no heels hence, easing pressures from your feet and making you feel at home by being comfortable.

“So gone are the days when a suit-and-sneaker combo conjured an image of prince charming on a broomstick.”

Why Dress Sneakers?

Just because you desire more comfort doesn’t mean you have to ignore, or feel guilty of sacrificing the dress code and style, you have set up for yourself. You can still give off your classy, sophisticated and sexy vibe with a dress sneaker.

The coolest thing about dress sneaker is that…’drumroll’… They are appropriate in an infinite amount of occasions. Yes, they are! So, feel free and confident to pair them with business casual, business formal, casual, and semi-casual wears to different settings- such as office, events with families, an evening out with colleagues, nights out with partner, out of town occasions etc. pretty much anytime you want to look put together. Just don’t overdo it.

“For a more relaxed look, pair them with jeans, shorts or quite frankly whatever you feel comfortable in.”

While it doesn’t offer an answer to all your fashion problems, it definitely gives you more room to explore and expand your fashion and style choices. With its more-than-just a dress shoe versatility, dress sneakers open numerous doors to a whole nsew world of style flexibility. 

What To Look-Out For:

“There is a dress sneaker for everyone regardless of your choice of style and preference. The right one for you is just at the corner, keep searching and you’ll eventually find each other.”

The choice of color for your dress sneaker matters a lot.  My advice- keep the tone neutral. Colors like brown, white, black, blue, grey etc. tend to give a timeless and classic look. 

The materials used in the production of your dress sneakers, is something you’ve got to pay close attention to. This plays an important role in your overall look and vibe, let’s not forget the breathability and durability of the dress sneaker. My advice- go for premium leather and suede. Suede and Leather materials tend to be more durable with uniform colors and avoids distractive logos.

Dress Sneakers Maintenance:

Your dress sneakers will need maintenance- don’t worry, it’s nothing different to what you’re used to. Just always remember to:

clean dress sneaker after each wear, 

avoid inclement weather,

polish the leather,

do not clean suede with water- instead use clear protectant spray,

use toothbrush to revive suede,

to maintain shape and firmness- store dress sneaker with a shoe tree in them,

keep dress sneaker in a cool and dry place

Tips for   purchasing/pairing your dress sneakers:

When purchasing or pairing your dress sneaker, keep the following tips in mind:

If you’re pairing with suits: pay close attention to the shape. You’ll need something slim that falls in line with your pants. Also, the darker the shade of suit, the darker your dress sneaker should be.

If you plan on being active: get a dress sneaker that provides a great amount of foot support and breathability.

For a more casual setting: get a loafer or monk boots style.

General rule: always wear your dress sneakers without socks being visible.

“Regardless of your likes, dislikes, taste, vibes, style or preferences- whatever you’re up to, there is a style of dress sneaker for you.”

Men’s Dress Sneakers -Know More

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