Price Of A Super Bowl Ticket

NewsNation claimed on February 1 that StubHub was advertising Super Bowl LI upper sideline tickets for $99,999 each. The price has gone up to about $126,000 as fees and extras were included, rendering these some of the highest expensive Super Bowl tickets whatsoever. It’s uncertain whether any of them were sold for that sum, yet it doesn’t appear possible. The subsequent market’s value could be unexpected; the same ticket could offer two different prices on multiple platforms. Yet top sideline rows are quite different from 50-yard-line tickets. Let us know about that the Price Of A Super Bowl Ticket.

Price Of A Super Bowl Ticket

How the price of a super bowl ticket has skyrocketed?

As of Feb. 1, USA Today reported that the typical Super Bowl LVI ticket at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles was heading for $10,237. In the run to Super Bowl LV, which became the most overpriced Super Bowl ever, it was over double the average from the exact time a year prior. It’s not always only the richest individuals and larger organizations who could afford a ticket to the biggest annual gathering in American sports as well as television. In reality, it wasn’t until around 10 years ago that items truly started to get out of hand. According to a Feb. 7, Yahoo News report, Bengals’ front-row tickets behind the panel were auctioning for a record-breaking $62,095 each. Just $52,829 will just get your tickets in a VIP area on the 50 while behind the Rams bench, just 14 rows back.

The Super Bowl was once a treat, but now it’s considered an extravagance

As reported by The Sporting News, Super Bowl tickets were below $100 in today’s currency for the majority of the 1970s, even after inflation. Through the bulk of the 1980s, the typical ticket price was less than $200 in today’s money and far less than $500 in the 1990s. In contrast, the average price of a Super Bowl ticket didn’t surpass $1,000 till 2008 — indeed, in today’s value corrected for inflation — and it remained below $2,000 until 2015.

It has hit five figures just after seven years. It is unquestionable that the most costly Super Bowl tickets have reportedly been sold. This would be because it is possible that even the costliest ticket purchased a few years ago might not be enough to join the tailgate party today.

History of the Super Bowl tickets prices

Over 100 million people are expected to watch Super Bowl LVI, which would showcase the Los Angeles Rams against Cincinnati Bengals when it commences on NBC on Sunday.

PredictHQ, a data analytics firm, expected that perhaps the game might attract 117 million viewers, surpassing the old record of 114 million achieved in 2015 by Tom Brady as well as the New England Patriots faced the Seattle Seahawks. Some fans could perhaps turn up to catch the actual football game instead of drifting away until the now-customary marketing push. In the 2022 game, a 30-second advertisement will cost $6.5 million, an increase from 2021’s $5.6 million for positions. Companies could run an ad spot in the opening ceremony of the Super Bowl, which was broadcast on January 15, 1967, for $37,500, or $320,457 in 2022 dollars.

Yet, the University of Arizona Symphonic Marching Band took to the field as the halftime show’s central focus in the opening ceremony of the Super Bowl. Twenty years later, in 1987, Grambling State University, as well as the University of Southern California, cooperated for the Super Bowl XXI halftime show. Two years later, Super Bowl XXIII’s halftime show featured an Elvis Presley imposter named Elvis Presto, which marked a downward spiral. The Super Bowl didn’t start to develop into the business it is now, with halftime entertainment and advertising that frequently eclipses the actual game, until the middle of the 1990s.

High demand occurrence to surging Super Bowl ticket prices in 2022

The Super Bowl is typically in great demand, however, this year’s game seems to have the Rams in their home stadium, fervent Bengals supporters traveling in from Cincinnati, and there have been no attendance restrictions for the first time in over two years. While the typical cost of the tickets purchased on the site was around $6,500 in 2022, the “get-in” cost for a seat on StubHub fell to just below $4,000—outrageously premium costs which left most fans in price hikes. As per Federal Reserve Economic Data, the average U.S. salary in 2019 was just beneath $52,000. This implies that match tickets, in relation to transport, parking, meal, and beverages, are entirely beyond the price point for the typical American household. Most of the purchases are being generated by California residents, who acquire over 50% of all premium tickets.


One of the most widely viewed sports in the entire globe is indeed the Super Bowl. Millions of people watch it on television. Commercial interests mainly purchase tickets for such a unique event. Both supply and demand probably create price. If one could purchase tickets for the Super Bowl since the NFL owns the tickets and the majority are provided to each of the NFL teams. In fact, the teams involved are given the biggest shares, followed by the host team and every other team, each of whom earns a very small share. About 70% of the tickets are composed of each of those shares. The rest is now under NFL office management. Seats supplied by the NFL will be utilized by personnel, company, and commercial partners, as well as other VIPs.

Price Of A Super Bowl Ticket

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