Applebee’s Apple Pay- Read More About It


Applebee’s Restaurant LLC is a restaurant company that owns and runs a network of bar restaurants and neighborhoods grills in the United States. The restaurant’s unrivaled casual dining approach features traditional American foods, including chicken, salads, buggers, spaghetti, and their trademark dish (Riblets). Let us know more detail about ‘Applebee’s Apple Pay’.

Applebees Apple Pay

Applebee’s Apple Pay

Many visitors are unsure if Apple Pay is accepted at this establishment. This article contains the answer to this question.

Does Applebee’s Accept Apple Pay?

No. Apple Pay is not accepted as a mode of payment at Applebee’s. The great majority of businesses contacted by Reddit said they don’t accept Apple Pay. Cash, credit and debit cards and other means of payment are accepted at the restaurant.

Does Applebee’s Accept Online Orders?

With the improvement of its mobile app, Applebee’s has brought their services to a new level. Using your smartphone, you can now order more conveniently and simply ahead of time. You can use the app to find nearby Applebee’s and receive the most up-to-date information and special offers. Some of the new features are as follows:

  • Applebee’s full menu with images.
  • Choose between Carside To Go and pickup.
  • Choose and bookmark preferred orders from your favorite restaurant for future ordering.
  • Ordering is a simple process.

What Is Applebee’s Carside To Go?

Carside To Go is an Applebee’s restaurant’s free curbside pickup service that requires a minimum order. Customers may use Applebee’s app or website to request a curbside pick up from any participating location utilizing Carside To Go. Even though most Applebee’s restaurants open at 11:00 a.m., Carside To Go services begin at 12:00 p.m.

How Does Applebee’s Carside To-Go Work?

If Carside To Go is offered at your location, you will see it as an option when placing Applebee’s online orders. Customers must wait outside the restaurant in a designated parking space. After confirming that the order is correct, the restaurant staff will deliver it to your vehicle. You may order online or download the Applebee app for iOS or Android smartphones to place your order.

When making your purchase, you must provide the model, make, and color of your car so that it may be identified in the parking lot. You must also include correct contact information. This information will be requested if the restaurant has to contact you about the status of your order. Arrive on time at the agreed-upon pickup location.

Respond to the Applebee’s notice with “I’m here” through a text message or email you got after parking in the specified place at the restaurant-parking bay. The restaurant staff will bring your order to you.

When Is Applebee’s Curbside Pickup?

Every day at 11 a.m., the majority of Applebee’s restaurants open. You’ll have to wait until 11.20 a.m. if you want Carside To Go, though. Customers are recommended to contact us at the restaurant to find out when their favorite local location is open:

1. Log in to Applebee’s website using your email and password.

2. Enter your location

3. A list of nearby restaurants will appear as a pop-up.

Both the opening and closing times will be shown. Choose from the list to get the entire list of hours and days that your favorite restaurant is open. The Applebee’s location also shows other options like Free Wi-Fi, In-Restaurant Pickup, Carside To Go, etc.


Applebee’s has a diverse menu of specialties every day. When visiting them in person or online via their app or website, consider using a payment method other than Apple Pay.

Customers may be unable to pay using this method in some locations. You may also buy Carside To Go online to cut down on waiting time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What methods of payment does Applebee’s accept?

Applebee’s has updated its mobile app to include curbside pickup, advance orders, scheduled orders, and immediate payment with saved credit, debit, and gift cards.

2. What stores accept Apple Pay?

Because Apple Pay is accepted by more than 85 percent of retailers in the United States, you may use it everywhere. If you’re unsure, ask. Apple Pay works everywhere that accepts contactless payments, from vending machines to grocery shops to taxis and subway stops. There are apps and web pages accessible.

3. Why is Applebee’s so well-known?

Applebee’s grew to prominence in the 1990s due to its inexpensive menu and popular dishes such as buffalo chicken wings. However, it struggled to reclaim diners during the 2008 recession. Applebee’s attempted to revamp itself to appeal to millennial consumers but did so at the expense of its loyal patrons.

4. Which fast-food restaurants accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is accepted at several restaurants, including Chili’s, Panda Express, and Panera Bread. Fast-food establishments that accept Apple Pay include KFC, Subway, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Chick Fil A, and White Castle. The following is a list of all Apple Pay locations.

Applebee’s Apple Pay- Read More About It

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