Check Meijer Gift Card Balance

Meijer gift cards are a treasure for all shopping enthusiasts. One can get numerous advantages by using a Meijer gift card. You can shop for anything from either a Meijer store or any third-party outlet. Meijer sells gift cards related to Entertainment, Retail, Food and Dining, Travel, and more. Let us see how to check Meijer gift card balance.

Check Meijer Gift Card Balance

Check Meijer Gift Card Balance

Imagine you are at the Meijer store and your gift card refuses to process due to low balance. Embarrassing right? To save yourself from this embarrassment make sure that you check your Meijer gift card balance. You can check your gift card balance in the given ways: 

  1. Check the balance in-store 
  2. Online and
  3. Through phone 

If you don’t know how to check your gift card balance, we have done the homework for you! Here is a detailed guide on how to check your Meijer gift card balance. 

How to Check the Gift Card Balance? 

To make your daily run to the grocery store a way to save money you can use your Meijer gift card. There are three different ways in which you can check your balance. Let’s dive into a detailed description to make things easy. 

You can check your gift card balance via phone, online, or by visiting the store:


To check the balance online you need to go to Meijer’s website. Then go to the gift card option and select the check balance. 

You are required to provide the details of your gift card. Enter the card number and the PIN on the card. 

At last, click on the check balance button and your remaining balance will be displayed on your screen. 

Via Phone

If you want to check your gift card balance via phone you have to call 1-877-459-0676. You will be connected to a customer care executive and they will help you to find your remaining balance. 

Follow the steps that the executive will tell you to do so. Carefully tell your card details like your card number and pin. The executive will let you know your balance. 


You can visit any Meijer store and ask the staff at the cash counter to help you with your gift card balance. 

You just need to provide them with details like card pin and card number and the staff will tell you the balance and even update it if required. 

What if I want to redeem my gift card balance? 

 Unfortunately, the Meijer gift cards are not redeemable. It means that you can’t get cash back for the remaining points or credits on your card. But there are a few states where you can get your cash in place of a card balance.

States like California, Puerto Rico, Colorado, Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Oregon, Vermont, Montana, New Jersey, Washington, and Rhode Island have a cashback policy. 

What can I use my remaining gift card balance for? 

Once you’ve come to know about your gift card balance by using any of the three options you can use the card balance in many different ways

Meijer offers its in-store gift cards and even gift cards from famous stores and outlets. 

  1. You can use the card balance to buy groceries items from any Meijer store without paying much. 
  2. You also have an option to give the card as a gift to your friends and family for selecting the most ideal gift. 
  3. Meijer gift cards can be used for travel services like air BnB, food and dining like Starbucks, Taco bells, Mc Donald’s, and more. 
  4. You can use these gift cards to buy clothes and accessories.

Meijer offers a variety of gift cards for its users. They have made it easy for the shoppers to check if there is any remaining balance. It can be checked online, by calling, or by visiting the store. Meijer gift cards provide a considerable number of discounts but make sure that you don’t buy any gift card unlawfully or else the store can cancel your account.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1.  Can I get cash in exchange for the gift card balance?

Ans: No, only a few states allow cash in exchange for the remaining card balance. 

Q2. Will I be able to use the balance if my gift card is lost or stolen?

Ans: If your card is lost or stolen you need to show original proof of the purchase of the gift card. After that, a replacement card is issued having a balance as per the last records of the store. 

Q3.  Can I make a payment using both my card and cash?

Ans: Yes, the total payable amount gets reduced based on the amount of balance you have left on the card. 

Check Meijer Gift Card Balance

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