Free Kids Books

“A child who reads will become an adult who thinks.” 

Reading is one of the most important habits that children should adopt from childhood. But it is important that as a parent you help them understand the importance of reading quality books. Not all books will help them. But books will always be their best friends. 

The sooner they get into a habit of reading, it will be beneficial for them. A reader today, might become a leader tomorrow. Hence, parents should give their kids books as soon as they learn how to read. But if you cannot purchase all the books, you can get free books!

Free Kids Books

There are several ways to get free books for children. The best option for free books is to select books from your library and make your kids read them. If you do not have books suitable for kids, you can get eBooks through various online sources. 

You can join Oxford Owl and get free books for kids. You can buy a Nook eReader and get free eBooks from Barnes and Noble. If you get a Kindle, you can get free Kindle edition eBooks for kids. You can also visit your nearest library to enquire about free paperback books if they have that policy. 

Oxford Owl 

Oxford publications have a free website, where they provide eBooks for kids. Oxford is a trusted publication, but anyway you can go through the books and verify on your own whether they are fit for your kids or not. 

You can visit the website and in a few simple steps, you can get access to the free eBooks. 

  • Step 1: Go to the site of Oxford Owl.
  • Step 2: At the top right corner of your screen, you will find the option “Join us”. Select that option. 
  • Step 3: You will be directed to another page. Fill in your details and create a password. 
  • Step 4: Next, fill in the details of your child’s school and where it is located. 
  • Step 5: You will receive a link in the email that you added. When you go to the link, you will be directed to the page where you can get access to all the free eBooks. 

Nook eReader and Kindle

Getting a Kindle or a Nook eReader is worth the money you put into it. Once you purchase it, you will have access to a lot of eBooks for free. Not just for kids, but also adults. It is a wise investment. No matter how much the cost is, investing in books is always a good choice. If you get a membership for Barnes and Noble or Amazon Kindle, you will get a discount on a lot of books. 

So, even if you do not get all the books for free, they will still cost less than the average prices of books. Apart from books, you will also get access to magazines, newspapers, and other reading articles. 

Free paperback books for kids


This trust organizes programs at schools where kids can get free books and take them home to read. 

Reading is Fundamental 

This is another such program that helps promote reading in kids by giving them free books to read. 

Dolly Parton’s Imaginary library

This is a library that delivers books to your doorstep. You can get any book mailed to you, without having to visit the library, hence it is called “Imaginary”. You can visit their website and enter your zip code to become a part of this program and get your free books every month. 

Little-free library

This is the easiest way to get or give free books. People have installed boxes near sidewalks in some regions. You can add a book or take a book from the box for free. 

Freecycle, Facebook, or Craigslist 

Though social media is said to be a curse, it is also a boon for many. You can search for parent groups that offer free books for kids. You can share books with other kids as well. 

Book exchanges or Book banks 

Book banks are like banks, but they give books. The best part of having a book bank is that they do not charge any kind of interest. You only gain; you gain books and the knowledge from those books. Book exchanges are also a good way of getting free books. You can exchange books within your community. If your community does not have a book exchange program, you can initiate it yourself. 


You can visit your nearest library and inquire about their policies regarding free books for kids. Libraries usually have a scope for kids, where they either let you borrow books for kids, or have book reading sessions for kids for no extra costs. You can also ask them if they organize giveaways. 


Books can never be enough. But getting free books is the best feeling in the world. If you are thinking of introducing your child into the reading world, you can look for options to get lots of free books for them. There are many options to choose from, whether you want eBooks or paperbacks. You can get a Kindle or Nook reader or go to your local libraries, book banks, exchange programs, etc. The more books you and your kids read, the more beneficial it would be for them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) Who is eligible for Dolly Parton’s Imaginary library?

Ans. Anyone above the age of 5 is eligible to get free books from Dolly Parton’s Imaginary library. 

Q.2) Are all Kindle books free?

Ans. Kindle has a lot of books that are free for its users. You can get many books at a discounted price. 

Q.3) How do I develop a reading habit in my child?

Ans. Read interesting stories to your child which have a moral lesson. When the child becomes eligible to read, you can start reading books with them. Eventually, they will develop a reading habit. 

Q.4) Where can I download PDFs for free?

Ans. A lot of websites like Project Gutenberg, Bookboon, Open library, ManyBooks, and PDF Books World provide free PDF downloads. 

Free Kids Books

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