Let’s Talk About What Is Disney Plus

Disney Plus is basically an American subscription online video streaming application launched on Nov 12, 2019. It is one of the top streaming services operated by the Walt Disney Company, headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The parent company of Disney+ is Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution. Let us know Let’s Talk About What Is Disney Plus.

Let’s Talk About What Is Disney Plus

Since childhood, we all have had those fantasies about the chocolate world, action and thriller movies, and cartoons with numerous characters and funny names. We are inspired by the cartoon characters so much that we even love to recreate the character’s apparel for fun. It has played a massive role in kids’ life, especially those from the 90s and 2000s. Kids are always fascinated hearing fairytales and Cinderella stories and love binge-watching shows and hearing stories of action like the one and only Marvel. 99% of the time, there may not be a single person (especially a man) who wouldn’t love Marvel movies and their fantastic sequels. The way the Disney and Marvel worlds have swooped us in, it is almost impossible to stop loving animation. 

Sharing Disney Plus Account

Yes. You get to share your account with four different people. Just like we get to share our accounts on Netflix, Disney Plus has got the best to offer us. Disney Plus does allow you to share your account with your family or friends or anyone you want to share with. You can share up to 4 times with different people to access your account. 

Unlike any other online streaming service, Disney Plus feeds you the benefit of the doubt. Disney+  allows you to watch from two different devices at a time. While there may be more than two accounts, only two accounts are allowed to binge-watch different shows simultaneously. 

Even though it is just one account shared with four people, the price would remain the same. It can be divided into four people when included. 

How to share my account?

Go to the official website disneyplus.com 

Click on your profile to the top right corner and click settings

Click on the option “Add a Profile.”

Name the profile and maybe add an icon if you prefer 

Click on Save, and there you go

If someone else wants to add themselves, 

They can log in and type their registered phone number or email ID for verification. Once you get the OTP on your device, they can enter it and start streaming from their device. 

Disney+ and its popularity 

Disney+ has skyrocketed ever since it was launched in 2019. They broke down their global subscribers into domestic and international and were found to beat Netflix at its own game. Disney+ gained popularity in the US with around 43 million subscribers and 41 million subscribers in Canada. Disney Plus is popularly known for offering its viewers an exotic variety of films and TV shows of other cultural movies and series. They aim to reach approximately 250 million subscribers by the year 2024. Recent research says that Disney Plus is available in over 64 countries worldwide and plans to double the number in a few more years. As it is always known for its fresh and organic content for its viewers, its popularity never went out of hand. 

Is Disney different from Disney Plus?

Yes, indeed. While Disney is only a free streaming channel available for kids from 3-to 14 years, Disney Plus is an online paid subscription. The two are different streaming services, and you may not combine them if you have to watch a show released on Disney Now at Disney Plus. 

What do you get from a paid subscription on Disney Plus?

On Disney+, you may be able to find a variety of fresh content launched as movies, sitcoms, series, and entertainment shows specially made for adults and kids. The shows come from the original making by Marvel, Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Nat Geo, and HBO, Fox, and Showtime. Disney Plus never disappoints you when it comes to becoming a loyal customer to their streaming channel; unless you have bad internet. 

Subscription Plans and Prices 

You get three types of subscription plans, Monthly, Yearly, and Bundle. If you choose to buy a subscription solely for your Mobile, you get access to binge watch shows at $8/ month, with an HD quality print of 720p from your mobile. The other option for mobile, where you rather save yourself from monthly bills and pay for the whole year, is $80/ year, with an HD print of 720p (Stereo). If you choose to get a Bundle option, you get access to operate your account from your mobile, with access to Hulu and ESPN for $14/ month with an HD quality print of 1080p (Dolby 5.1). 

Disney Plus offers you a commercial-free subscription pack, combining Hulu and ESPN for only $14 per month. 

  • The monthly package costs $8 per month
  • And the 12 months pack costs around $80 per year, with 2 months of free service 
  • You can also be benefited from their complimentary pack, which are usually available through Verizon 

What are the benefits of using monthly packs?

From paying for the monthly packs, 

  • You get to watch unlimited videos and TV shows and download them to stream offline.
  • You get to share your account with 4 different people and stream them from different devices. 
  • You can also make a group watch, where your whole family joins the crew and syncs the movie you wish to watch together. 

Offers on the subscription pack 

Only third-party platforms like Magicpin and Verizon offer around a 7% discount on the Disney Plus Premium plans.  


If you love watching films and binge shows online using your internet service, Disney Plus is a good choice to get started. You can get started today and share your account with your friends and family. 

Let’s Talk About What Is Disney Plus

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