O’Hare Airport Lost And Found

O’Hare Airport Lost And Found

O’Hare Chicago International Airport is one of the busiest centres’ in the world. This airport meets almost all of a traveller’s needs; It acts as a guide to travellers, providing vital information about terminal facilities, public transportation, and other useful contacts such as the information desk (Tel: +17736862200), which is located in terminals 1,2 and 3. There is an aids booth operating in all terminals to assist travellers. Staffs who can speak multiple languages are available 24 hours a day to assist a passenger with difficulty with the process. As a result, the airport has important contact information that is contacted if a passenger faces some issue. Lost and found is one of them. Let us know ‘O’Hare Airport Lost And Found’.

OHare Airport Lost And Found

Lost and Found mechanism of O’Hare Airport

It is quite evident that we all have been worried about misplacing or losing some valuable possessions that belong to us. But, the valuable items get misplaced in our busy life. In our daily life, we often hear from someone that they have misplaced their keys, mobile phones, Laptops, mobile phones, iPods, iPhones, etc. This stuff helps a lot of our data, so no one wants to get these things stolen, or people can’t afford to lose track of their valuable items” O’ Hare Chicago Lost and Found has been resolving travellers’ issue of their misplaced belongings all around the world. O’ Hare Airport had the integration, connecting a vast network of locations where lost or stolen items may be found, resulting in a centralized database of items lost worldwide. Passengers looking for misplaced items can report online and can access these lost and found facilities. The airport manages lost belongings not only for airports and airlines around the world but also for other businesses operated within the airport, further allowing its network to expand rapidly.

How does it Work?

O’Hare Airport Lost and Found had some mechanism to be followed to get back the lost item. If this incident occurs in the airport, the passenger should follow these steps.

  • Report Lost Property – The passenger must ensure that they should report the lost property to the suitable departments. After reporting the lost found property agent will ensure that the passenger’s claim has been transferred to the specified department. Sometimes there is a situation where people submit claims and land in the wrong spot. The perspective passenger has to fill the report lost property form in detail and try to be as descriptive as possible because it has been noticed that thousands of items are misplaced daily. Shortly after the passenger submits the report, the dedicated service agent who will be handling the lost property claim will be in touch or contact the passenger.
  • Entered into the database – After the information is infused into the database, it will start to look for the lost property. If it’s there in the system, it will automatically match, and the passenger will get notified. If it is not reflected in the system yet, then the management will start looking for it immediately; at maximum, it can take up to 3 days for airport perspective department staff to enter lost items’ details into the database. 
  • Property is Found – There is a good chance that the passenger will get their valuable items back after going through the database and monitoring cloud software. After receiving the item, automatically, a message will be sent to the passenger confirming that their valuable item has been found; the passenger must decide on pick-up options to reclaim their items.

How to contact them?

If the passenger lost a valuable item, they should approach the management from where they can get their items back; following is the list of all communication channels at O’Hare airport the passenger can use to report the lost items depending on the specific situation.

  • Particular Airlines: –The passenger can find the details of all the airlines operating in a particular area on the Chicago O’ Hare international airport website’s official website.
  • TSA (Lost and Found): – The passenger can fill out the online form on the airport’s official website to report the lost item and could contact the number (773) 686-2385.
  • Food services: – Passengers had access to contact the number (773) 377-7804 if they left their belongings at the food counter.

The passenger can reach out to the airline’s authority and contact the same depending on the specific situation.

What department should you reach out to?

The passenger should have adequate knowledge of which department to approach in the case of lost items. Following are the adequate departments that will direct the passenger report in emergencies.

  • If the passenger left their belongings in an aircraft itself, at a ticket counter, or in a gated area, they should approach a specific airline’s office. If they left the valuable items at the TSA security checkpoint, then it would be appropriate for them if they reach out to TSA lost and found office.
  • If passengers lose their belongings in the airport parking lot or any other public area, they should contact the Chicago police department.
  • A passenger must notify food services if an item is lost in an airport restaurant.
  • The belongings passengers leave in an airport transit system should get in touch with the O’Hare airport transit system office.


Due to rapid technological change, finding lost items has become easier. The airport management posts the claims into their database for a smoother flow of operation and keeps it public for 360 days after the passenger submits the report property list file. The passengers receive the unique id, which is only dedicated to that potential passenger. This unique id number helps keep the passenger’s personal information private and protects their identity from the public. Along with these, there is also a facility for the passenger to upload the photo of the lost items, and they can give a detailed description of the product to the O’ Hare airport database. Subsequently, it allows people to identify the perspective passenger property more quickly and accurately than ever.

O’Hare Airport Lost And Found

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