What Is Disney World?-Where Is It?

Walt Disney World Resort is an amusement park in Orlando, Florida, USA. Disney world was founded on Oct 1, 1971, and has ever since been one of the most famous theme parks known worldwide. It was built on the concept of Disneyland which is smaller than Disney World. Disneyland has nine theme lands whereas, Disney world is known for all theme lands all over the park beside the tricky things happening in the background.Let us know What Is Disney World?-Where Is It?

What Is Disney World?-Where Is It?

There are several underground tunnels, and over 70,000 employees work at Walt Disney, comparatively a lot more than any other Disneyland. Disney World is an extraordinary amusement park that solely plays the part of creating magic, entertainment, and helping you make inexplicable memories. 

Fascinating facts about Disney World 

Every solid structure built inside the park is not more than 200 feet in height. Disney World is a different world full of pixie dust and magic where it has one of the most tallest and powerful fountains that shoot water up to 150 feet. If the fountain had a single shot up above, it throws almost 2000 gallons of water in just a single move. 

Another fascinating thing is that reports have said it would take almost over 70 years to get through every single guest room designed in the Disney world park. Apart from just the magical and man-made things inside the world, there is also a way for you to experience the most beautiful sunset by pitching a tent to cut costs at the luxurious Disney world resorts.

The Disney Magic Kingdom spans around 142 acres. The Walt Disney World in itself is its city, acting as the same authority as a country’s government. The park is highly dedicated to greenery and they never harm animals. Disney World has specially designed invisible barriers of water-like type to prevent animals from crossing it, and they have added moats to keep them at bay. The safari ride allows the audience to get a real close view of animals without fearing anything. There are over 500 real trees and plants apart from just artificial shrubs to bring out a real earthy experience  along with a glow-in-dark effect. 

Pet Policy in Disney World 

  • Specifically, dogs are allowed with a minimum of one adult for guidance in their facilities.
  • Throughout the resort experience, guests are responsible for their pet’s behavior and need to make sure that they are friendly animals. 
  • They do not allow pets without approving the recent vaccine certificate/ record of the pet for extra safety measures. 
  • Outside the guest room, pets are allowed to have a leash on or put inside a pet carrier and must not be allowed anywhere over the furniture of the premises.
  •  Make sure to attend to your pet within 7 hours to ensure their and the premises’ safety. 
  • Pets are not allowed inside the food and beverage area, clubs, pools, or any fitness space.
  • Make sure to take your pet outside for a walk while calling up for house cleaning as the workers are not allowed to enter the guest room and clean with pets inside the room.
  • If your pets are inside the room, make sure to hang the “Room Occupied” tag in front of your door to allow the people and workers outside to acknowledge the presence of your pet inside the guest room. 
  • Pets are not permitted around the theme parks, water parks, and Disney springs but they are open to allowing dogs to use the transport services in the resort including the Disney Magic Express services. 
  • Pets are allowed outside for resort transportation only if they are inside a carrier or have a leash on. 

Are the Disney World Resorts pet-friendly? 

Yes, they are. Walt Disney World Resort offers the option of carrying pets to the resorts up to a certain extent. Their areas include around 17,000 sq. ft of indoor space filled with air conditioners and around 10,000 outdoor areas. They also include a 25,000 sq. ft of the park specifically for dogs. 

For dogs, 

Walt Disney World offers several suites mentioned below. 

  • VIP Luxury Suite
  • Indoor and Outdoor Suite
  • Vacation Villa

Activities included for dogs during the daytime including bedtime stories are,

  • Playtime
  • Cuddle 
  • Walking and Exploring 
  • Bedtime Stories
  • Ice Cream Break

For cats, 

They offer 2, and 4-level condos. Activities offered for cats are,

  • Cookies and Milk Time Break
  • Toy Activity
  • Kitty Bed 
  • Playtime 

Is there a seperate policy for pets in Disney World? 

Fortunately yes, there is. Disney World has a Pet Care policy that provides various choices for friendly pets but they do not take responsibility for wild and venomous pets or reptiles. Wildlife pets are strictly prohibited from their resorts for safety purposes. The Pet Care is specially created for your animals to have the best luxurious experience in the condos and suites, just like you. Pet Care services also provide you with the best pampering and grooming services for your pets. They provide professional salon services like shampooing, hair cut, pedicure, manicure, massage, and much more for your pets. But, make sure that you are above 18, to bring a pet along with you. Or else, you may also bring a parent or a guardian for permission. 


Walt Disney World is a beautiful amusement park that you must not miss, if you plan your next trip. That is all you need to know about the nook and corner of Walt Disney World Amusement Park and its pet policy in the resort. If you ever visit Walt Disney Amusement Park, make sure to read the guidelines mentioned above and have your pet on leash whenever you leave your room. I hope you enjoy your magical tour that you will reminisce and cherish for a lifetime.

What Is Disney World?-Where Is It?

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