Sprint Vs T-Mobile Which Is Better?

It can be very confusing to decide on a cellular network. Each network provider says that they are the best, offers fast speed, and are very much reliable. But what exactly is the reality? One of the most important factors in choosing a call carrier is its network carrier. Let us know ‘Sprint Vs T-Mobile Which Is Better?’.

Sprint Vs T-Mobile Which Is Better?

Sprint Vs T-Mobile Which Is Better?

As a customer, you need to make sure that when you choose a particular carrier you will get a good internet speed, send text messages, and talk on your phone in your area and in those places where you travel the most. So, in this article, we are going to discuss how the Sprint network compares to T-mobile in various aspects.

Coverage Comparison

It is not at all possible to place a phone call without coverage. Low coverage can result in dropped calls.T-Mobile is the fastest among all the four major carriers but it is the weakest in rural performance. So, if you live in a city, you are going to get amazing coverage from the provider but if you live in a remote area, then you will experience pathetic coverage. T-Mobile is said to be deploying a new radio frequency that is going to improve its 4G LTE coverage in remote areas. But this can take a lot of time; maybe a couple of years. 

The coverage of Sprint is considered to be the patchiest among the four big carriers. According to CNET, Sprint has worked a lot on improving its speed and reliability for better coverage. It has even gone beyond the metro areas and has been heading towards the remotest areas.

Phone Compatibility Comparison

Either of the network companies used different cell phone technologies in earlier times. Sprint used a CDMA network whereas T-Mobile used GSM technology. Because of the roaming agreements between T-Mobile and Sprint, the network-capable phones can benefit from both networks.

Since most modern phones can operate in multi-network mode, there are fewer issues in accessing either network. In case you own a CDMA-enabled SPrint phone, it might not properly work with T-Mobile’s network infrastructure. So. you will need to upgrade to a newer version GSM device to get the most out of the network. The existing Sprint customers can also still buy or upgrade their device on the existing Sprint plan without even needing to switch to T-Mobile.

Sprint Vs T-Mobile: 5G Phones

Either of the network providers provides 5G devices. But if you compare both of them then T-Mobile’s selection highly surpasses Sprint. Sprint has made most of its 5G devices future-proof and thus will not be affected by any kind of changes in the network shortly. However, there are some older 5G phones which can only access a particular type of 5G technology in addition to the typical 4G LTE coverage. This is because there are various types 0f 5G frequencies which are categorized as mmWave, Mid-band, and Low-band. So, if your phone can access all these frequencies then you will get a good 5G experience. The newer phone is equipped to access all these frequencies. The older 5G phones won’t be able to fully make use of T-Mobile’s expanded 5G network which leads the users to upgrade their phones and there is no workaround for this issue. You can check out plenty of 5G-enabled phones on the horizon.

Sprint vs T-Mobile FAQs

Is T-Mobile better than Sprint?

In terms of coverage, T-Mobile ranks better than Sprint. But Sprint then merged with T-Mobile in April 2020 and will thus gradually shift to their network.

What’s cheaper, T-Mobile or Sprint?

You can get low-cost plans both from T-Mobile and Sprint. Both are cheaper.

Is Sprint now T-Mobile?

Yes, in April 2020 Sprint merged with T-Mobile. You can still use your Sprint plan with access to both networks, but it’ll eventually migrate over to T-Mobile only.

Can Sprint customers use the T-Mobile network?

Yes, since Sprint has merged with T-Mobile, Sprint customers can use T-Mobile’s 5G LTE as well as the 5G network where it’s available.


Many would prefer T-Mobile to Sprint as it would be the best choice. But if you are tight on budget then definitely you can go for Sprint because of the lowest monthly plan price and if the place you live offers a decent Sprint service. For budgeters, Sprint would be a good choice as it offers low plan prices compared to T-Mobile. For travelers, T-Mobile would be an excellent choice and it gives you unlimited text and data in most countries and offers free in-flight texting as well as wifi. As the coverage of Sprint is better in rural areas you should choose it if you are a country dweller and if you are a speed lover then T-Mobile is a good choice for you as it offers consistent and reliable data speeds countrywide.

Sprint Vs T-Mobile Which Is Better?

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