Swiss Airlines policy-Know More

Everyone has a travel bug within them. Who doesn’t love to sit in the mountains or play on the beach? The problem arises for those who must leave their dear pets to dog boarding for trips. Few travel companies allow pets. Swiss airline is one of them. Though it permits pets on the board, there are some rules and restrictions.  Here we will see about Swiss Airlines policy

The first thing you should do is inform the airline about your pet’s characteristics so that, based on this, they can tell you the rules to carry your pet aboard. Remember the list should include weight, height, length, width, age, breed, etc. 

Swiss Airlines policy

Rules And Regulations To Carry The Pet On Swiss Airlines

There are specific rules and regulations to be followed to carry your pet on Swiss Airlines. They are:

Documents Required For Pet :

If you want to take your pet with you on trips, you should provide your pet’s necessary documents such as vaccination certificates, health reports, etc. In another form, you need to indicate the pet’s nature, whether it is pregnant or not, whether it is dangerous and whether it is a snub-nosed animal.

You need to specify which country you are traveling to as some countries have restrictions on carrying animals in a cabin. If your pet’s age is less than three months, they are not eligible to travel with Swiss Airlines.

Swiss Airlines Regulations Regarding Carrying Your Pet On Flight Cabin:

The first rule regarding Swiss Airlines is that your pet should be either a dog or a cat. The second rule is regarding maintaining peace during the flight, which means that your pet should not make a nuisance on the flight. The pet should not litter on the flight and sit on the owner’s lap or leg space. Hence, you should follow these steps if you want to travel with your pet. 

Swiss Airlines Policy Regarding Snub-Nosed Pet:

Swiss Airlines strictly prohibits carrying Snub-nosed animals due to horrible past incidents that have claimed the lives of some animals. Snub-Nosed animals have short nostrils, which means they cannot breathe at higher altitudes and die of shortness of breath. Hence, Swiss Airlines allow Snub-Nosed Animals neither in the cabin nor in baggage.

Swiss Airlines Policy Regarding Service Animals:

Service animals can be transported from one country to another by flight cabin or in the cargo area.  

These are the following steps to transport a service animal through flight. They are:

  1. They should follow all the commands obediently and should not be aggressive.
  2. If the service animal misbehaves, it will be taken to the cargo area.
  3. Although service animals are well trained, a test is conducted to see whether they are trained or not.
  4. If your pet fails the test and is admitted to the cargo area, then either you have to pay an additional fee or your pet will be denied to board the flight.
  5. The fighting animal breeds like a Bulldog and German shepherd should get transported through the cargo area.

Description Of Animals Travelling In Cargo Area:

The animals that are sent to the Cargo area are usually kept in crates made from materials like metal, wood, welded wire, etc. Not even a single piece of the crate is made from plastic. Hence there is no fear of breakage. Crate remains safe during long travels. The animals are kept in the crate as many more breeds are kept. Hence there is a fear of fights between animals. The animals which weigh more than 8 kg are kept in the Cargo area.

 Swiss Airlines policy on fines for Animal Attacks Or misconduct:

There are only a few cases registered of animal attacks on the flight, but when it happens, the flight has the right to fine the passenger whose animal created the nuisance during flight hours. The airline can fine up to 100$ from the passenger and also the compensation is given to the passenger by the owner when someone is attacked by their animals. Hence we can say Swiss Airlines is very strict regarding the safety of its passengers.


Seeing the above points we can say that Swiss Airlines is one of the best airlines not only in terms of its great pet policy but also in passenger safety.


1) How many Pets Can I carry in the flight cabin?

Ans. In Swiss Airlines two pets are allowed per person and also pet should be either a dog or a cat.

  1. How much fee do I have to pay to take my pet on the flight?

Ans. The fee is taken according to your travel destination.

  1. Will my dog get food in the flight cabin?

Ans. No, it will be better if you carry food for your pet in your carry bag so you can feed your dog during long travels. 

Swiss Airlines policy-Know More

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