What Electronics Have The Most Gold In Them?

The invention of electricity has changed our lives forever. The gadgets which make our routine comfortable wouldn’t be there if there were no electricity today. It’s so easy for us today. Just think, getting bored? Watch television or play video games. Do you know that together with electricity, gold also has a hand in making your life comfortable?. Let us know more detail about ‘What Electronics Have The Most Gold In Them?’.

What Electronics Have The Most Gold In Them?

What Electronics Have The Most Gold In Them?

Yes, you heard right, most electronics have gold in them. Gold has a big hand in manufacturing electronic gadgets and helps to keep them in a working condition for a longer time. Because gold is a metal, it is a good conductor of electricity. Therefore gold is used in some parts of the devices to make them efficient enough to work longer. But why only gold?

3 Reasons Which Prove That Gold Is The Appropriate Metal For Making Electronic Gadgets:

 The reasons which prove gold is the appropriate metal for manufacturing devices are:

Good Conductor of Electricity:

As we talked about above, gold is one type of metal, and metals are considered good conductors of electricity. Now many of you may have a question. Why only gold? Why not other metals like silver, copper, or iron?

The answer is in the next point.

Easy To Give Shape:

It is easy to give any shape to gold and can be given the form of small wires and can get passed through any space. Silver and copper also tend to get any structure, but it takes hours to form in the proper shape. Hence, gold is the perfect material while manufacturing electronic devices. 

Corrosion Resistance Property:

Gold has corrosion resistance property which helps prevent rusting or tarnishing on the device. Metals like iron, copper, and silver are also good conductors of electricity, but there is a problem if exposed to air; they either get rust or tarnish. Hence, gold is considered suitable metal for making devices.

Electronic Gadgets Which Have the Most Gold In Them:

The gadgets we use in our day-to-day lives have traces of gold in all of them. The only difference is some of them have more; some have less according to their size and model. The electric appliances which have the most gold in them are as follows. They are:


The electric gadget that brings you the whole world’s information in just one click has the most gold ounces compared to all other electric appliances. The new generation computers have less gold than the old computers, which were very big and known as supercomputers. Naturally, the bigger the size, the more the gold. The new generation of computers has gold on the circuit board, memory storage, and graphic card. For example, models like Macbook, Dell, Lenovo, and HP have this processor.


The entertainment box of our house has gold on its circuit board and integrated circuits. Though the TV’s size has changed and it has become brighter than before, the one thing that has not changed through all these years is the proportion of gold in it. For example, Panasonic uses the same amount of gold even today, while brands like LG, Sony, and Toshiba use silver and gold where the content of silver is more than gold.

Mobiles And Tablets:

Mobile phones have changed from the keypad to touch screen, but the one thing included in both systems is gold which makes them work perfectly. Mobile phones contain too less amount of gold in their integrated circuit to protect their system from corrosion. Brands like iPhone and google pixel use more gold than Samsung and Redmi in their phones to make their processor better. 

Tablets don’t make you feel the absence of a laptop. Tablets contain more gold than the phones but less than the computers. Ipad and Samsung galaxy tab are examples of these types of processors.

Cameras And Stereos:

Gold is attached to both digital and video cameras on their circuit boards. The amount of gold on cameras is more compared to phones and tablets. Brands like Nikon and Canon are examples of such models.

Stereos are not available in this era but in that era, this famous instrument used to have more gold attached to it than any camera and mobile phone. 

Gaming Accessories:

Gaming accessories contain even less than one ounce of gold, which is less than the gold used in mobile phones. In gaming accessories, gold is on the circuit board. For example, gadgets like wired controllers, Play Station, etc. Have gold on them.


We hope you understand why gold is more preferred to be used in electronics other than any metal. Seeing the above points, we can say gold is the most appropriate metal to be used in electronics. Hence most electronics have gold in them.


  1. Can I extract the gold from devices?

Ans. No, don’t even think about it even if you are not going to use the device any longer because extracting gold is a hard process that requires using chemicals whose fumes are harmful to the human body.

  1. What happens to the E-waste gold?

Ans. Most of the time, gold is disposed of along with the E-waste but some companies have started extracting and recycling this gold to use in their products.

What Electronics Have The Most Gold In Them?

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