On What Side Is The Nike Tick?

Nike is an American-based multinational company that designs, develops, manufactures footwear, and promotes products through global marketing and sales. This company started 58 years ago with a mission to capture the world and proudly says, “Just Do It!” A logo makes a particular brand different from other brands. Nike has a tick as a logo, which is called Swoosh. It is an onomatopoeia that describes the sound of wings. So, on which side is the Nike Tick?

On What Side Is The Nike Tick?

Nike’s tick or Swoosh is a definition of speed and fastness. Though this depends on the product, the Swoosh logo is mainly a right-sided tick mark. Nike’s upper sportswear and sweatshirt have its logo on the upper right side near the collar bone. Some sweatshirts also have a big swoosh in the center. Some shoes are stylized versions of the tick. A shoe can have a tick on the right, left side, or in any other position. Every Nike shoe is designed in symmetry. The logo is usually placed on both sides of the shoe, near the shoelace, and in the front. Read further to know more about the evolution of Nike.

Evolution of Nike:-

  • Nike started as Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964. BRS in typography was the primary logo. Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman started this company. Later this company changed its identity to Nike. 
  • Carolyn Davidson designed Nike’s iconic Swoosh, was selected after 17.5 hours of work, and was paid $35, roughly $2 an hour.
  •  In 1971, the logo of the Swoosh, along with the typo Nike in a cursive font.
  •  After seven years, in 1978 Futura Bold designed the logo into a more geometrical design with capital letters.
  •  By the late 80s, Nike introduced its motto “Just Do It!” inspired by a serial killer’s last words. During this time, Nike started endorsing athletes such as Michael Jordan and changed its logo by putting it inside a box. 
  • The current logo was designed in 1995 and only has a Swoosh. This swoosh stands for speed and athleticism. The simplicity of this logo has made this brand the most recognizable logo design in the world.

How to identify a fake Nike?

Nike is the largest supplier of athletic shoes. It is a global brand with more than 100 million consumers worldwide. Thus, many fraudulent businesses run under Nike’s name. Such businesses bring fake products into the market. There are many ways to identify a fake Nike. 

  • Make sure you purchase Nike products from a trustworthy website. Amazon, Foot Locker, and Zappos are legitimate sites apart from the official website.
  •  Check the price range as the fake products are cheaper than the original.
  • If your product is fake, it will run in a small size. 
  • Box color can also determine if the product is original or fake. Nike uses orange color, but for some items, black, pink, and red boxes are used. Nike never sells their shoes in white boxes.
  • Original products are likely to be lighter compared to fake ones. The midsole of the original Nike is highly defined which provides great support due to padding. And the outsole helps in balancing. The fake ones are made up of hard plastic.
  • Check the tongue, which shows the brand name, and inspect the logo along with other minute details.


Nike is a multinational brand that is endorsed by many celebrities across the globe. This company brings out the best products in the market. Apart from footwear, Nike produces apparel, sports equipment, and accessories. The United States is the biggest market for Nike, as 40% of global revenue is made in this country annually. With a $32 billion annual profit, this company is named after the Greek Goddess of Victory and will surely be proud of its triumph. But a luxurious trendsetter brand with more than 300 stores in the USA. The journey Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman saw, from Blue Ribbon Sports to Nike, has brought the world under their feet. Nike has a massive trade with global access, and to make this company reaches out to the audience, Nike has kept its symbol simple. The Swoosh symbol represents swiftness, speed, and fastness. This tick is also known as the Nike tick and Nike check. The side of the Nike tick depends on the product. Nike tick is usually on both sides, and the tick is always on the right side or in the center for clothes. Many shady businesses sell fake Nike products in the market. Beware of such dealers and always make purchases from a trusted source.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • On which side does Nike tick?

It depends on the product manufactured by Nike. Footwear has the smoosh logo on both sides of the shoe. Whereas clothes have it either on the right side or in some cases, at the center.

  • Who designed the Smoosh logo for Nike?

The purpose behind the Smoosh as a logo, it resembles the wings of the Greek Goddess of Victory. Smoosh is an onomatopoeia that describes speeds, fastness, and swiftness. Carolyn Davidson designed this logo but was not preferred by Phil Knight.

  • How many times did Nike change its logo?

Nike changed its logo five times. It started with BRS, Blue Ribbon Sports, and then the company kept changing its logo in 1971, 1978, 1985, and 1995 Nike kept its current logo.  

On What Side Is The Nike Tick?

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